Cupcake Burgers are a WIN!

So it is no secret now that I love to bake, is it? I love the sweet, delicious results. Desserts really do make me happier. Now what makes me happier than eating all those gooey, yummy desserts? Sharing those desserts! If anyone ever is sad, celebrating, having me over, having a party, I’m having someone over, has any sort of new, exciting news in their life, apparently one of my love languages is baking (take note author Gary Chapman of The Five Languages of Love). So when Eric and I hosted a random January cookout I couldn’t wait to try out this new recipe I had found. Cupcake burgers.

Ew?! Probably your first thought. Let me show you this:

Any other thoughts now? Yup, thought so. A brownie sandwiched inside a cupcake with colored frosting. It really is that simple folks. I will break it down a little further.

Make yellow cupcakes. Make sure to cook them in muffin/cupcake paper cups. Without them the bottoms may brown too much, killing the look. Making from scratch or box works. I am a box cupcake girl.

Make a pan of brownies – make sure to not make them cake like. There is enough cake in this recipe. I did substitute apple sauce for oil and no one was the wiser.[Side note: A vegan came to the cookout and brought brownies. She used marshmallows in them to substitute for the egg. According to her the only thing the egg does is have them stick together! Who knew! Get creative out there!]

Let the brownies cool completely. I let them hang out overnight. Then find something round about the size of your cupcakes. I used an old salsa glass container. Cut out your burgers! There will be scraps. You know you deserve a scrap break.

Cut the cupcakes in half and plop an ole brownie in there.

Now grab white frosting (I used cream cheese – it’s my fav) and red, yellow, and green food coloring. Split the frosting into three bowls. Use a different color for each bowl. Now you have your “ketchup, mustard, and lettuce”!

Now it is time to squeeze on your icing. I used zip lock bags with the corner cut off. No need to buy the fancy tools; zip lock bags work just as well! You can just use a knife to spread the “lettuce” over the brownie.

Then squirt the ketchup and mustard just like you would onto your burgers. [Sorry my ketchup is pick. I ran out of red food coloring – oops!]

Put on the tops. Take a lot of pictures. These won’t be around long.

I promise these will be a HUGE hit. I had them displayed the entire time. One person actually came in asked “What are these?” and stuffed one his mouth mid-way my description. Win!

They are perfect for a cookout, Superbowl party, birthday party, or for the “I need a pick-me-up after a long day of work”. Something really works out well with the consistency of the brownie and cupcake. Mmmmm.

Any Superbowl recipes you have hidden up your sleeve that are your go-tos for those crowds?

  • You just combined two of my favorite things. Can we add a red Airhead in there and pretend that it's bacon? Then my life would truly be complete!ReplyCancel

  • Haha. I think anything is possible. I will think about how we can make this work! Sidenote: AIRHEADS! I haven't had those for a long time and now I want one reallllly bad!ReplyCancel

  • You were right — I am proud of how these turned out! Congratulations on yet another baking success! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • I thought these were finally up to your amazing baking extravaganzas and standards!ReplyCancel