From Drab to Fab: Curtain Re-do!

Ew. That was my first reaction to the…well…shall we call them window coverings in the basement. They mostly just covered the window but not completely. Enter the terrible slatted window coverings…with leftover scraps from the ratty couch next to the dumpster?!

So while Eric was away I grabbed my power tools and a new set of curtains and curtain rods and got to work to begin the beautification process of the basement.

I can’t tell you how satisfying it was to pull down that ratty fabric covered curtain rod and ugly slatted blinds. Just taking down the curtain rods made a huge difference.

Then it was time to take down the blinds. Tip: Make sure to draw the blinds together (duh Megan!) so you don’t end up having to dispose of this mess.

Seriously folks, draw the blinds or they will cut you. Literally. They cut at my leg as I drug them up the basement stairs.
Now comes the fun part. Hanging the curtain. First came the curtain rod. I am notorious for having a struggle with the power tools at time and calling for Eric for help in the middle of a project. Sorry girl power. I just announced on the WWW that I am not that experienced with the power tools. But my brain can help with that. See, the past rods were hung with hardware. So I go to thinking, well maybe I can use the hardware already in the wall. Oh yeah. That’s thinking and that is less work.

I ended up only using one of the anchors to hold up the new brackets, but since I was installing three and the curtains weren’t that heavy I took the chance. A little patch work when we end up painting the walls and it will be like the old blinds were never there!

Now with the curtain rod. Hard part done!

Now the easy and gratifying part. Curtain time!

Yay! The first step in actually decorating our basement, which is a modge podge of old furniture, lots of little cars, and just other…stuff. Which is why I tried not to show you anything else of the basement. I will reveal that at another date as we slowly take the house tour.

Do you have a space in your residence that becomes the throw all room? What do you do to try and make it pretty?