Frozen Meal Clone for Healthy Lunches!

I have had my first request for a blog post. Yay! All thanks to my lovely friend Katie! Katie recently moved and started a new job and asked me for ideas for healthy lunches. I was all for that! Who hasn’t struggled to bring a tasty and healthy lunch to work?! There is only so much a toaster oven can do (but it can do quite a bit) and I don’t advocate frozen meals for lunch every day. Sure, they are low in fat but HIGH in sodium. Although there is a place for them. I have my favorites. I have found that the Steam Fresh that cooks right in the bag are great for low(ish) sodium and low fat, yet very good and filling!

Then, the other day when I was chowing down on this baby, I thought to myself, “Wait a minute, I can do this!” So after work I set out to the kitchen and checked out the bag a little closer.

I went to the frig to check out what I had. Since there was no recipe, I just used what the bag said for ingredients, albeit loosely. Thankfully I had a huge amount of red potatoes (tip: buy potatoes by the bag because they are so much cheaper!). They were first on the chopping block.

Next ingredients: a green. The frozen meal had green beans but I didn’t have those. I did have broccoli though. In it went!

Then I added a few of my favorite ingredients that were not in the original inspiration: garlic and onions! Yum! They add flavor to anything!

Top it off with Parmesan cheese, olive oil, and milk. All ingredients are in! Keep it on medium heat, stirring frequently to help the potatoes to cook evenly. Once the potatoes are tender it is done! Sorry not to provide exact amounts. It all depends on how many potatoes you use. You want the sauce to cover the ingredients but not make it soupy. So here it is all ready to eat up.

Yum! All ready to be packaged for easy grab and go lunches! I divided up all the food into their own lunch sized containers to make those early mornings even easier.

Now, I like to ensure that I have fruit and veggies at lunch. So what’s an easy thing (that stays long in the frig and is economical by the bag?): oranges! I eat one every day!

There you go, a meal that will last you days with just one evening of work! Don’t want to eat the same lunch every day? Just throw it in the freezer and pull out another day.

Do you have any easy lunch ideas? I am always looking for new ideas!