Easy Lunches: Quiche

Back by popular demand is another installment of easy lunches for the week. I started this segment with a frozen meal clone. I had back from a few people that they actually made it (score!) so I thought I would share another. This one is probably one of the easiest things. If you can scramble eggs you can make quiche!

This is my go-to for when I am looking for an easy, fast meal with whatever I have in the house. Keep a few frozen crusts in the freezer and you can make a quiche with basically whatever you have in the house. So the other week when I sort of forgot to buy food to lunches for the week, I pulled out my quiche supplies and had lunch for every day of the week!

My Quiche Recipe

4 eggs
1-2 cups of milk
1 frozen pie crust (yes the dessert kind!)
Vegetables, meat, cheese, etc for the insides

Preheat oven to 350. In a medium bowl whisk together eggs and milk. Start with one cup of milk. Depending on the amount of filling you put will determine how much more milk you use. Add in filling and stir thoroughly. The mixture will be slightly runny. Pour mixture into pie crust. Bake for 30 minutes. Let cool slightly before eating.

That’s it! You can also add some flour into the mix to thicken it up, but I find no need. Let’s keep it simple people! I just cut the pie into 5 slices and call it a lunch. Don’t forget to add in the fruit as a side!

Do you have any ideas for more easy healthy lunch ideas? Also, let me know if you make this. I would love to hear how you personalize it and any feedback you have!

PS – I realize my food pics end up being, well yellow. I am working on it! The kitchen is so yellow toned (see for yourself). Since the yellow counter tops and florescent lighting just don’t help (especially at night when many dishes are made) I am working on taking food pictures elsewhere. Thanks for being patient as I get there!

  • Whoo yellow! I'm no photography effort, but I do know a little bit. It may not be convenient, but try taking pictures in the natural light (avoiding the florescents), so daytime is the best time. Also, photo editing helps a bit too. It's pretty easy to change colors around and most photo software comes equip to handle that. I can show you next time I'm in town if you want! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Thanks friend. Good advice! Yeah, florescents are never good. This post is all about the case of the lazies. I like to get things all done at once. So when I cook something (which happens when it is dark a lot) I want to take the pictures right then and there. What I really need to do is be patient and take them in pretty lighting. Good tips. I would love for you to show me your tips and tricks when you come to town!ReplyCancel