Entry Way Update: A little clay, a lot of iron!

First of all, let me say happy (belated) mother’s day to all the wonderful mothers out there…especially my beautiful mother. Thank you for being the best mom and best friend a girl could ever have. This post is dedicated to her since it is another post showing some of the fun makeovers that we found together when she visited. I showed all of our goodies here and then had the first makeover reveal here. Now I have another reveal for you! It started with these two finds:

Can you believe that both of these made it in the same makeover? Yep, they did! This is the reveal of the entry way (if you can call it that since it really is part of the living room). What I am referring to is this pre-makover.

This is what I define as the entry way. To work as a functional entry way for us me it needed to have a place to hold my purse. Unfortunately my purse never had its own place so it always ended up stranded on the floor. How terrible is that?! (That was slightly sarcastic for some of you fella readers out there. But ladies, you know what I’m talking about!) This is usually where my purse landed.

Yup, on the floor. Look at how lonely and forlorn my purse looks just thrown casually on the floor. No home, at the same level with shoes (aka dirt). As my purse taste has increased (sigh, which also means its dollar amount) I now have reservations about just throwing it on the ground. So it was time to fix it. I had the perfect spot to find my little holder.

See how this vacant place here is just screaming for something? After my mom and I went through many “something” options at various stores, we stumbled upon the perfect holder. Yup, you guessed it!

That is it in place. Now in its full glory!

See how perfectly it fits in the corner? We wanted something that was not wood – there was already enough of that in the room. We also wanted something that didn’t take up too much space both physically and visually. As it is located in a corner I didn’t want us to bump it all the time. I also didn’t want something heavy there weighing down the look.

There it is in use – and there is the vase too! I thought the blue really dressed up that area.

A few quick fixes to dress up the look and functionality! Now I just need to find the perfect ornamental object to dress up the lower tier of the purse stand. Any ideas?

Any small makeovers that make a big impact in your life?