House Tour: Master Bedroom

Welcome back to house tour time again! Can you believe it, that 6 months after starting this blog I am still doing house tour posts? I take that as a good sign since that means other fun projects have gotten in the way. This one is definitely worth the wait as it is probably my favorite room in the house: the master bedroom. Not only is it because it is where I sleep every day but because I think it most represents Eric and myself. It is the room that we completely decorated together in our married bliss and has absolutely no hand-me-down furniture, so we really built it from scratch together. After no further ado…

So there it is! The master bedroom…in pictures. They just make me so happy and smile that I didn’t want to interject words into the flow of pictures. A few special things to point out:

  • My mother-in-law made the beautiful curtains and the fluffy blanket and beautiful pillow on the chair. Aren’t I lucky (and spoiled)?
  • The black frame with the writing and wedding picture was my wedding present to Eric. I thought it could only go in our bedroom!
  • The headboard was an old headboard we had that we recovered with the beautiful white fabric what we actually used for our curtains as well. It has a nice subtle pattern that is more like a texture so it doesn’t compete with our very busy and bright comforter!
  • Did you notice the black and white European picture theme?  That way at least I can travel in my dreams…

Are there any rooms in your house that are your favorite? What about favorite themes you have going on? How about sentimental items that always make you happy? I think those are the best of all and love to fill our home with them!