Plant Those Pots!

I will swear by the fact that I think that planting is therapeutic and good for the soul. The other day I got up early on the weekend and headed over to our local home improvement store to pick up some plants. I spent probably an hour just browsing the plant section, reading about them and trying to figure out what plants would look best in the various pots and planters we had around the house. Although it was a little late in the season, I highly recommend going at this time. There are a lot of plants who are outliving their welcome in their temporary plastic pots and have been put on the 75% off section. If you pick carefully you can definitely get great deals on healthy plants. So after a glorious early morning hemming and hawing in the plant aisle, I came home with my bounty.

Oh Cube, how I love you. Look at how versatile and roomy you are! Anyways, we all know how much I love my car, but did you know how much I love flowers? I just kept staring at these all day! So I started with the front of the house and moved around to the back. Here is the huge pot that I got to dress up the front of the house.

Since it was so big I put in extra plastic bags and empty plastic pots to fill up some of the space and conserve soil.

I also like to lay out the plants for each pot so I am organized and know which plants need to go where.

The final product!

There were a few other additions to the front of the house that came a little after. I had been wanting to get some hanging plants for the deck and one day I came home and was surprised to see them there! It was a sweet gift from my in-laws.

You can also see the pink flowers in the baskets on the front steps. Those were a 75% off deal; they were each a couple of bucks and I think they add a nice bright spot of color to the front!

Moving on to the back, we have some planted boxes attached to the porch rail and just a bunch of others that we kept in storage. I decided to pull a few out and use them, although I had plans to paint them and make them prettier. Oh well, there is always next year! They still end up so very pretty at the end!  I also had a few plants that I had kept alive through the winter that I was able to use. So these were the plants I had to use:

These are what the planter boxes looked like after the winter. So sad looking.

This one I planted a plant (I forget the name) last year and it comes back every year. Yay! But this is what it looks like when it takes over everything. At least you can dig some up and use it in other planters!

Once again, I set out the plants by each planter to make sure I put the plants I wanted in the right ones.

So after the organization, we were off to the planting races. Once again I had my father-in-law around to help with his mad planting skills.

Now for a few after pictures. I can’t help but to just gaze out at the beautiful flowers all day long. They always bring a smile to my face!

(This one makes me laugh. After all my planting, this one ended up more random after a last minute change to another planter. The pretty middle plant with the HUGE amounts of the “takeover” plant that I have now dubbed it. Oh well, it still is bright and pretty!)

Now remember when my mom and I had a shopping spree? Here is the reveal of one of those items in use!

So there it is folks! My planting adventure…and the plants are still alive to tell about it!

How about you? Any planting adventures that you have had? Any flowers that you love to put in year after year?