Vacation All I Ever Wanted…

Vacation have to get away! Anyone remember that song? Nerd alert: this song always make me thing of that terribly cheesy movie From Justin to Kelly (yes, like the American Idol movie that I own on DVD and love!). Anyways, away from my ridiculousness and back to business. For my faithful 15-20 readers whom I love (hey, gotta start somewhere!) you well know that the blog was a black hole of nothing this past week. Two Fridays ago I had the idea of getting a lot of blogs done before we hit to the road to vacation land, but then the terrible blackout of 2012 hit us. A wind storm came out of nowhere and hit our power around 9:45pm. Thankfully, we were headed out of town to the beautiful beaches of Hilton Head that Saturday morning, but it got in my way of planning some blogs for the week. So off we went down the road, searching for a place for breakfast (it only took us an hour to find a place with power) and headed to the beach!

Now, if you know anything about me, I was never the beach bum. With a family of two fair skinned redheads and two fair skinned blonds who wouldn’t leave their horses long enough for a beach vacation, it never really happened to my family growing up. That is, until I was the lucky girl that married into a Hilton Head timeshare! Wahooo! Guaranteed week of beach bliss the fourth of July week every year (that is, unless we trade it in for some other cool vacation). This was year two for me going to Hilton Head, and it was just as lovely as I remembered.

From here on in, I will let the pictures do most of the ‘plaining (you should read that in a Ricky Ricardo accent, it’s much more fun that way).

First of all, it starts with a view from our condo like this:

Classically cheesy and absolutely glorious walks on the beach and bike rides were a plenty!

A girl always like to frolic on the beach, both with her man and the sea grass…no?

Beautiful sand castle in the lobby of the hoity-toity hotel! We just visit the lobby to see the castle of the year.

Hammock rides with the hubs is always a highlight.

Then there are the fun nights with cool lighting and fireworks! Happy Independence Day!

The other view from our other balcony. Ahh I am a spoiled and lucky girl!

We also took a few day trips. The first one was to Beaufort, birth place of Eric! This is the closest town to Parris Island, where Eric’s Dad was stationed when Eric was born. It is always fun to go to a Marine Corps Base (so neat having never been around the military much) and do some shopping at their PX (which stands for Post Exchange and offers great discounts with no tax)! On this trip we always like to stop in the sleepy little town of Beaufort and have lunch at “The Bank”, an old bank converted to a restaurant.

It also overlooks the water and has gorgeous parks and swinging benches to relax – and for impromptu photo shoots.

We also took a fun trip just the two of us (oh right, did I mention we go with his parents every year?) to Savannah, which is only about 45 minutes away from Hilton Head. We took a fun trolley tour, which gave us a great snap shot of the place. Let me also say, boy it was hotttttttttttt. I think we caught our trip a little short because we were literally melting on the sidewalk. So. Hot. We did have time to see some of the beautiful and historic architecture that makes Savannah so famous. Oh, and did you know that it all began because a group of seven women got upset when a house was scheduled to be torn down? They formed a group to save it and the historical society was born, which consequently saved the rest of the historical buildings. Girl power and just an overall cool story. Here are some of my favs.

Now, for the oldest tree in Savannah…

…and the oldest home in Savannah!

We also had some time to walk around the riverfront to enjoy the breeze, ambiance, view, and food!

Cheesin’ it up like we do!

Well, I think that about explains the most exciting part of our little getaway. It was mostly a lot of relaxing, walks around the marina and beach, reading (a book a day! Woop, I’m a nerd and love it!), swimming, bike riding, and…

…eating lots and lots of ice cream in bed! How’s that for a grand finale?

Now what about you? Any exciting vacations planned or already done? How about any exciting Fourth of July celebrations attended? Or even, survival stories of the great blackout!?

PS – Some VERY exciting things are happening in our kitchen today! Stay tuned for some dramatic changes in the kitchen! YAY!