House Tour: California Dreamin’

You might have noticed the blog has been a little sparse these past few weeks. Well, it is because life has certainly gotten in the way, in a very good way. I have been so busy with travels and home renovations there hasn’t really been a spare minute! Wondering about my latest adventure? The other week I got to visit my big sister Jackie, her husband Jason, and his 12 year old son Eli for a week in their new (to them) home in Newbury Park (about an hour outside of LA). Here they are at their wedding last October.

The idea of this trip started a few months ago when my wonderful sister called me all excited about a house they had found and put in an offer. In her matching squealy voice to mine (seriously we sound exactly the same, especially when we get excited because our voice goes up an octave) she excitedly told me all about the house and pleaded that I come out to help her decorate. Fast forward to my visit, when I am giving my sister the raised eyebrows look that said, “You invited me here to decorate? Girl, this house is decorated – and mighty fine at that!” Jackie – and Jason who has got some great ideas and a good sense of style – who sometimes says she’s not all into this decorate-y stuff, has made their home in the most warm, inviting, friendly, and beautiful home. It was practically done! So I just got to enjoy the beauty, spend time with my lovely hosts, and help out with a few little projects.

So without further ado, why don’t I just get to the house tour already?!

The house is located on a corner lot with a marvelous view of the mountains and situated on the side of a hill as well. Lots of walks and hiking ensued.

Then you walk into the most inviting and comfortable living room. That is custom sofa made for them (did you see how tall Jason was?!), extra deep and with microfiber and memory foam cushions. Oh man, many hours were spent on that couch watching the Olympics, reading, and chatting.

Check out this cute little nook under the stairs.

Then you walk into the dining room, which they are very smartly using as an office for my law school bound sister in just days!

This kitchen is definitely one of my favorite parts of the house. Not just because delicious food was made here, but because of how bright and cheery it is. I love the layout, the blue counters, and the white cabinets.

It flows nicely into another living space. This is where I helped Jackie with a few projects, like the grouping on the fireplace and the artwork for the formerly empty wall (it was a last minute buy, hence the dark pictures since it was later at night when they were taken). They were also super thrifty in here, scoring these couches for a deal and a half off of Craigslist.

Oh yes, you can’t forget about mission control. What is that you may ask? Mission control is a mini Mac that was mounted under the desk, as Jason proudly told me, and hooked up to the TV screen that can swivel and be used as a computer or TV. It is located between the kitchen and the small living space. Very proud man moment here. Not going to kid around though, I loved it! I totally want a mission control in my house!

They also have a bathroom on the main floor that I you are not allowed to call pink, so I won’t. But I will show pictures and let you decide for yourself.

Moving up to the second floor allows another opportunity for a wonderful moment in the house. This was all Jason’s idea and done a day or two after I left, but I just had to share. I love, love, love this idea and would copy it if I had a staircase like that. All those are wall decals.

Upstairs there are three bedrooms, two full baths, and some great built-ins in the hallway. The first bedroom is Eli’s. This room is in transition, which I definitely think reflects a 12 year old’s room. If that isn’t the age of transitions. He left an amazing jungle room in the last house and is now figuring out what this room will be. I hear rumors of posters – lots of them. I didn’t actually snap any pictures of this spot though so use your imagination!

The second bedroom is the guest bedroom, where I set up shop for a while. This is where Jackie and I had a lot of fun! She was looking for something at the foot of the bed, bedside tables, and accessories. We found those awesome bedside tables at Home Goods (why oh why don’t we have one anywhere near Lynchburg? It pains me!). Surprise though! They aren’t typically tables. They are hampers! At a fraction of the cost and offering loads of storage we couldn’t resist. Don’t you love the natural color and texture it brings into the room. The stool at the end of the bed is great for guests to set their luggage on or a place to park and put your shoes on. Definitely one of my favorite rooms!

As for the accessories, we picked up those as well. The lamp got a new shade, the clock was a present from me (hellllo bling!), and the sweet bowl is for jewelry and the like for guests.

There is a great sized guest bathroom on this floor. This is the last room with the wallpaper that they haven’t gotten to yet. Pretty much every surface in the house had wallpaper that they took down and painted. Good choice! This is one of the last rooms with some crazy colored wallpaper, that I actually grew to really like!

Then you walk into the very beautiful and calming master bedroom that is so bright and cheery.

I was saving the best for last…the outside. It is like paradise there. They have beautiful flowers and trees everywhere in their very private front and back yard. With the gorgeous weather all year round it is the perfect place to sit out and eat meals, read, or just relax.  We ate almost every meal out there, but my favorite was breakfast. It was a great way to start the morning – oh, and the fresh squeezed orange juice from the orange tree in the back didn’t hurt either.

They have a grape tree! They were pretty sour while I was out there, but they have great plans of making some delicious items with them soon!

The famous orange tree!

How cute is this? They made this fountain from a barrel they had that they filled up with dirt, put in a pump, a cute frog, and planted from flowers to make just the cutest fountain I have ever seen. So easy to make too!

Well there it is folks, a wonderful home, a wonderful family, and a wonderful trip. I love you Rogers family!