The Ole Switcheroo: Blogger to WordPress

It’s Official. Yes, so Official that it is a Proper Pronoun. This weekend I am switching from Blogger to WordPress. Eek! For the past two weeks I have been researching, experimenting, designing, and scaring myself silly as I try to make an educated decision (not spur of the moment that causes chaos) about whether I should make this change or not. After all of my what-ifs and should-I-really moments I decided I was going to do it. Not only was I going to make the change, but I was going to give the blog a whole new makeover.

I had already mentioned in this post that I was most likely going to change the name of the blog. I loved the idea of “The Mego Blog” but I don’t think it showed enough of my personality and the purpose of my blog. It also broke a “cardinal rule” of blogging to not have “blog” in a blog name. But really, can blogs have rules? Suggestions, yes. Rules…blogs were meant to defy standards and be all about how you want them to be.

So after weeks of constantly thinking about names and polling every single person I knew in person, over email, through text, on Facebook, and on the phone about their opinion on a name, I found it. I knew it the moment it popped into my head. I didn’t need to ask anyone if it was a good one or not. It was The Name (there I go with those proper pronouns again), no doubts about it! That name then gave me the inspiration to start the design on my new page and help narrow in and define its purpose.

I don’t want to go squealing on the name yet, as I am sure many Google happy people will go in and find a half-finished site, but I can’t just leave you hanging. So here is a teaser, in the form of a logo I came up with for the site. Eek! I made a logo and it feels so good!
 So please forgive me this weekend if you try and go to this site, as I’m not quite sure how the exporting process will affect it. So wish me luck and here I go. Catch you next week on the other side!