The Day I Shopped the World [Market]

This past weekend I shopped the world. World Market (a home goods store) to be exact. Did I get you with my clever (or not-so clever) word play? I think World Market brings a good harmony of current design with outside influences from other countries. Their items are unique but will fit seamlessly into most any American household. They also have a delightfully tempting food section that makes your senses go wild with hunger for out of this world cuisine (there I go again).  Eric and I linger at the food aisles, reading out the names and pointing excitedly at the different items of food. After all that, what did we leave with food wise?

Pocky and gummy bears. Man, aren’t we quite the foodies. Definitely not there but our sugar tooth sure is refined.  Food cravings aside, those aren’t the only items that we picked up. We didn’t leave with any big purchases but sometimes I find the smallest purchases the most fun of all. They are like delightful little surprises when you get home. Although I was really tempted to buy this loveseat right there and then.

Check out how adorable those little buttons are! They are each covered with a different fabric. I just thought this was yummy! But back to my little surprises. I saw this little tweeter on the shelves and immediately snatched him up.

It’s a ring holder! I have wanted a ring holder for some time now and this one was just too sweet to say no to. He actually chirped at me “Buy me! Buy me!” For $5 it was a sweet little song he was singing. He is sitting on our dresser in the bedroom so I can slip off my rings before entering the bathroom with its ring-stealing drains. I also think he is a nice little addition to the animal family we have going on. We aren’t ready to commit to live children yet but we sure love our little stuffed animal (and now ceramic) family!

The next two purchases had a tad more DIY to them. They were these glittery crystal door pulls. I had been searching for the perfect door pulls for the newly painted closet doors in the Mego Cave. These sparklers were just perfect (and $5 apiece as well). I grabbed these up in a heartbeat and then couldn’t wait to put them in their new home.

Here are the before pictures. Kind of hard to see the knob far away at all but get close-up and you can see them quite clear. Here are the old ones.

I actually like the old hardware. It is a little worse for wear but it is still pretty neat; nothing a quick paint job couldn’t fix! But I had a different picture in my head than these older knobs. Let’s face it, any time there is a chance to put something sparkly in a room I jump at it. So sparkly door knobs it had to be! Here they are in all their subtle sparkliness.

With these being clear crystal knobs with a little metallic, the far away impact is once again small. But it packs a power punch when you get up close. I just love it! I really think it is all about these little details that really makes a home feel yours. Even if it isn’t a change that smacks you in the face, it is once again like a sweet little surprise that I know is there. Confession: I have opened and closed the doors just for the heck of it, to see how it feels and watch those knobs sparkle. I just can’t help it!

What about you? Any small touches that you have made to your house that really make you all giddy inside?

PS – My sister and I hit up the World Market in California and you can see some of the great finds from there in this house tour post of her house.