Jersey Styling

Yup, I’m going all Jersey on you. For one post. Actually, my style in this post came from my recent trip to visit my mom up in the New Jer-say. I thought saying it with a little ‘tude was appropriate. My mom and I are quite the shopping buddies, and we did our fair share in the long weekend I took up there. However, I took the train, which I constantly had to remind myself. While drooling walking through the aisles of stores like Home Goods, Anthropologie, Marshalls, and the like, I literally gave myself this pep talk, “Megan. Listen up. It won’t fit in the suitcase. No, you cannot just carry on this chair. Calm yourself. It. Won’t. Fit. Do you really want to lift that on a train? Walk away!” And I listened to myself for the most part, but I couldn’t leave completely empty handed. And yea, everything seen in this post did fit in my suitcase.

Item #1: A wooden (heavy) shelf

Yup, I put a shelf in my suitcase. Thank you for the foresight I had when packing when I literally unpacked my travel size bag and upgraded to the medium sized bag for future purchases like this one. I just couldn’t help it. The colors (hello gold all over the Mego Cave), the travel references, the whimsy. I tried to leave it but it followed me out of the store (meaning, I left the aisle a few times and then kept coming back to it).

Item #2: A stone (even heavier although smaller than shelf) container

My goal in the house is to only bring beautiful items into it. Whether they are functional or purely decorative (hopefully both!) I believe that they can be beautiful. Just think about walking down a kitchen accessory aisle. The beautiful frying pans with the colorful bottoms, the bright mixing bowls, the owl timer. Everything can be beautiful.

So this definitely wasn’t cutting it…well specifically the ugly vitamin container.

My carnivorous eating husband (opposed to his herbivore wife) hates anything vegetable. One of his concessions is to take a vitamin every morning but it needs to slap him awake in the morning for him to remember (sorry Eric, but we all know mornings aren’t your think you night owl). Having things on the countertop bugs me though. I am working to clear off this surface if possible – or to just make it so pretty I don’t mind it. Here comes in the stone container. One little switch-up and here we are!

I love the idea of having ordinary things in pretty containers. I am currently looking for a pretty cub for my lip glosses (I’m such a girl) and perhaps even the toothpaste! Why not?!

Those really are the only items for the house from Jersey to show but they definitely come into the home with love. Want to know why? Well, after I stuffed them into my suitcase with some news books and clothes (oh, and a wrought iron housewares thing with stones that hasn’t found its place in the house yet so stay tuned!) I also picked up on the trip, my suitcase was pretty darn heavy. Then I walk onto the train loaded down with the suitcase, my laptop bag, and purse. No seats on the car, or the next, or the next, or the next. So I literally am carrying everything at this point (not rolling, it kept hitting the seats in the narrow aisle) down the entire. Length. Of. The. Train. Now, I like to keep in shape but this got my out of breath real quick. It even made me sore the next day. So I really appreciate those heavy items now that they are safely in my house with no lifting required.