Valentine’s Day DIY Round-Up

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I thought I would do a round-up of some of my favorite V-Day things I have seen around the web. I’ve never been that into Valentine’s Day. As a kid I always loved the small candy gifts and generic yet fun paper Valentine’s. As I got older and was always the single girl without a Valentine’s date, it always just kind of slipped by, neither here nor there. Now, as a married woman (geesh that phrase makes me sound old!) Valentine’s Day still isn’t that big a deal to Eric and me. We try to make it V-Day every day, with sweet little messages and gifts randomly and lots of hugs. Our day this year will be full of sappy cards, our favorite candy, and setting aside any money we would have spent on just “stuff” and putting it in our Japan savings account, like a future present to ourselves. Even with my non-commitment to Valentine’s Day, I still think it is a fun day to share love with friends, family, co-workers, and even strangers. Everyone needs some love! So here are some of my favorite things I have seen, in case you are still in need of some ideas to sweeten the day.

Wouldn’t every kid (or kid at heart?) want one of these?

Make little gifts out of matchboxes. So cute!

Forgot to buy that special card? No worries, use this idea to make your own. It’s just too cute!

Make heart garland out of paper to easily spiff up your house for the big day!

I can’t get enough of this candy bouquet! Just find red gummy candy and put onto skewers or straws.

I think this would be great with a love note to your special someone behind it, with the “LOVE” in front of it. Better than a card in my opinion!

Definitely one of my favorites, as it is personal and something small that you can look at every day. I would tuck this in a drawer next to my bed, my purse, or car so I could pull it out when I needed a little love.

So there is my little rundown of small, easy-to-do crafts for this day that will make it a little fun but not overdone. Just remember to love all you can, every minute, and every day can be filled with as much love as Valentine’s Day. But maybe not as much candy, which is probably good. Happy Valentine’s Day world!