Blue Metallic Jewelry Tree

Here’s a story, about an ugly/weird tree, that was hanging out in Goodwill looking miserable. Along came Megan, who saw potential, and brought that ugly/weird tree home. That’s enough hacked up Brady Bunch  singing for now. But really, it is a true story. When I was at Goodwill, gosh, back in December, I found this terrible tree.

Yes, that is a random boy’s head  hanging off one of the branches. One can only imagine what used to be on the other branches. It takes a lot of imagination to even wonder why they would make something so monumentally ugly. Yet, good ole me bought it. For $0.95, it wasn’t a big loss. But I saw potential. Instead of ugly/weird, I saw it in a new color daintily holding earrings and bracelets. How’s that for repurposing something that really should have never even been made?!

So 2ish months later, I thought it was finally time to tackle this project. First, I beheaded the tree and de-ringed the tree using some pliers. Then, I cleaned off the grime using a liquid deglosser.

Finally, it was ready to be painted. I chose a blue metallic acrylic paint that I had on hand. It took a few coats to cover that ugly gold but finally it was shiny and oh so blue beautiful.

Now it was time to tidy up the spot where it needed to hang out. I decided I wanted it to be on top of my jewelry case. Before, the case had some jewelry, perfume, lip gloss, and some other random things stacked on top of it. (Although I did try to reign in the randomness with a tray). But it was still random and still stopped it from being somewhat usable. All that stuff stopped me from being able to open the top, which housed all my bracelets.

So instead, I thought I would bring some of the bracelets out, since I still needed some of those items on top of the case for easy reach. So a little reorganization project happened, complete with my blue tree.

Then I realized, gosh, this could be better. The bracelets overwhelm the tree and it looks messy. Good thing it could easily be an earring tree!

Much better! I think it looks more organized and shows off the earrings much better. Plus, those earrings made some extra room in the jewelry drawers which allowed me to put some bracelets in easy to reach drawers!

Mission accomplished. I made something ugly beautiful and gave it a new use and organized my jewelry case to give it enhanced functionality for my needs. That is one mighty blue  metallic tree!

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