Miniature Collection Switch

My mom gave me one of the best gifts I have ever gotten the other week when she visited. This gift basically gave me a window into my childhood that I can visit multiple times a day. She gifted me her own, original miniature collection.

You might remember my attempts at a miniature collection. I really liked my start, although it didn’t have much in it yet. I knew it would take time. This is what it was currently looking like. Pretty empty, some backing paper that wasn’t my favorite.

However, when my mom arrived with a giant bag and it ended up containing her miniature collection (hmm, that’s an oxymoron), I didn’t even hesitate to take down mine and replace it with hers. I don’t even mind the mixing of wood.

It was so much fun to go through each tiny, tiny item with her, reminiscing about all the memories that these little pieces had. I just remember so many moments looking at that miniature collection when I was younger, touching each item so carefully, enamored by its small beauty. It was even more fun piecing it back together, fitting in the objects just so. It was like a giant puzzle full of beautiful and sentimental items.

IMG_1193 (418x640)

It’s perfect too, because we have been looking for another tray for Eric to have in the basement. We found that his cars fit perfectly into the tray that I had bought, so that one will be transitioning to the basement and he can fit in tons of Eric’s little cars. Won’t that be fun for him to have a car miniature collection?!