Backyard Storage Organization

There is a place, a place that I have never shown you before at our house. It is dirty, bug-ridden, and gross. Good thing it is outside! Nevertheless, it was a mess. Under the porch, there was this monster.

Yes, I know it is outside, but I like everything to be organized. It makes me happy. I like symmetrical planting and organized gardening and outdoor equipment. I also think it is nice for the neighbors, in case they can see all our junk from their back windows. So finally (FINALLY) when the weather turned nice (it snowed a few days ago?!) it was time to tackle the outdoor organization pile.

Step 1: Take everything out and separate it by category. Get rid of everything that you don’t need. There were tons of old plastic bags, plant containers, empty bottles, etc. that I was able to just get rid of. Feels so good!

Step 2: Clean out of the space before you put items back. We took this time to use the blower to get all the debris out of the area and make it a little cleaner. Although, I do realize there will always be dirt in the area where we store the dirt. I’m cool with that.

Step 3: Put everything back in a designated place. All the old boards got stored in the ceiling. The fire wood went under the shelves. The bags went on the bottom shelf. The tools, bottles, and planters went on the top. The buckets went into a corner. All the driveway repair materials went together. I was also able to hang a few tools.

That was it! Way less stuff now and we can tell by a glance if we need more fertilizer, top soil, weed killer, etc. No buying stuff we already have! It may not be a pretty organization project (no artwork, pretty patterns), but in a place subject to the elements and about to head into planting season, I was all about making it more functional, not pretty. It works for me, and maybe the neighbors will appreciate it too! Now, let’s get planting!