Quick Tip Tuesday: De-Bugging

Hey everyone! Yes, yes, I know it’s Tuesday, and I don’t usually post on Tuesday. But as I was doing one of my spring chores this weekend, I thought it might be helpful to share. Let’s back up a little bit so you get the whole story. In our first year of home ownership, I hated the basement. Why, you ask? Giant, jumping crickets.



They would linger in the shadows of the basement and jump at me. Boy, could they jump. Going downstairs to do laundry was hilarious to watch, as I would sprint through the basement on my tip toes. Not sure why I would run on my tip toes. I guess I thought I had less of a chance to squash or disturb the crickets…?! So after a year or so of that ridiculousness, I finally wised up. People, they make products to help with these types of problems. As an animal-lower and vegetarian, I believe in all things living in harmony but I drew the line at the crickets. I couldn’t take it, or them, in our house.

So what is my solution to de-bugging the basement (the only place we have had problems)? It is a twofold solution = sticky traps and home bug spray.


Yup, those two products have fixed my problem! I spray in the spring, mid-summer, and sometimes in the fall when the bugs like to start migrating inside. You can find these products in your home improvement store along with all those other buggy sprays. I picked this product up last year, but I was recently at the store again and saw a more “green” solution that I will try next. Once you get the spray, just follow the directions. Basically you just spray around doors, windows, cracks, and the foundation, both inside and out.

As for the traps, I like to hide them under furniture so no one knows they are there. Just remember to check on them and change them out when they are full. I think you will be shocked at how many bugs you will collect. I will save you from that picture. Yuck!

So there it is, my quick tip on how to stay bug-free inside the house all year long. So long creepy crickets!

I was not paid or perked by any of these products. I just picked them because I like them and they work!