Rub ‘n Buffing Around the Sun Room

I should have known that nothing was safe once I picked up my first bottle of Rub ‘n Buff. Metallic paint + Megan = One shimmery home! My main goal in picking up this product (who is not providing me anything for this post) was to renew the life of my black leggy chairs. They had a hint of gold but I was ready for them to shine again.

The product was great for coverage and maneuvering around the small little bands on the legs. I used both my finger and a brush. Both methods worked great!


www.rappsodyinrooms.comThe newly gilded foot in the front compared to the dull ones in the

Once I was done with the chairs I was going back into the house and noticed how dull this knob was looking. Not brass, not bronze, just old-looking.

So I decided to rub ‘n buff this too! Because, why not?!

Don’t mind the primed table and door…soon they will be colorful and glossy! I can’t wait either because I am antsy to gild the table legs (and maybe more) too!

PS – I am headed to the Haven Conference (for all things blogging, home, and DIY!!) Thursday through Saturday. The conference is in Atlanta, which is convenient since my Dad lives there too! I’m taking a long weekend to spend some time soaking up bloggy goodness and good ole family time. Follow me on Instagram and Facebook to be bombarded with pictures to keep you going until I’m back next week!