How I Won a Year’s Supply of Toilet Paper

Yes you read that right. This post is all about the TP – toilet paper that is. Also, if you follow me on Instagram you might have already gotten a sneak peek at today’s post and understand why I am (proudly) calling myself the toilet paper queen.

It all started at Haven Conference this summer where Cottonelle was one of the sponsors. They had a fun contest where you could tweet #LetsTalkBums and be entered to win a year’s supply of toilet paper.

Gladly, I was all in.


Fast forward a few weeks and I got the best email. It informed me that I had won the Cottonelle contest! I should be expecting a year’s supply of toilet paper to show-up at my front door. The next few minutes were cause of much excitement and giggling. Best. Email. Ever.

Finally the day came when I pulled up in front of my house after work and saw this stack of awesomeness on my porch. [Side note – what must have the delivery guy thought?!]


I jumped out of the car and did a victory dance in my driveway. How fun!

Then it got even better. I got a bonus gift of a spa package too!


What a fun little pick-me-up and contest to win. Thank you so much Cottonelle! Now…just where to put it.

PS – For those of you interested, they qualify a year’s supply at 16 packs of 12 rolls and 8 packages of the moist toilet paper wipes. 🙂