Did I Accomplish My 2013 Goals?

I know everyone is really full swing into 2014 but I just have a little bit of 2013 I need to wrap-up. Earlier this week I looked at my top DIY projects of 2013, but now it’s time to look at how my 2013 goals panned out. Let’s dive in and see what I did – and didn’t do.


2013 Blog Goals

  • Overhaul the blog design – ACCOMPLISHED twice! Here’s the first and second. I think I’ve really hit my stride in the design now. I love it – and love that it is on WordPress.org.
  • Keep adding content and organizing into pages and categories to keep the site user-friendly – ACCOMPLISHED. I did quite a bit of this before I transferred to .org – where I started over again. I’m still working on it more!
  • Work on photography skills and be patient when taking pictures (I tend to rush…). ACCOMPLISHED I think? Definitely still working on this. I even got a new lens at Christmas to help out!
  • Bonus Goals: Submit some original content/room makeovers to other blogs. (Any suggestions?) And another possible goal is to jump into the world of graphic design a little bit more although a splurge for Photoshop seems a little much for me right now. ACCOMPLISHEDI did a couple of these. If you follow me on Facebook that is usually where I share those. Still need to do more though!

Home Goals



  • Paint front door red ACCOMPLISHED. Yay! Yay! Yay! Three years of wanting this door a different color and it happens!
  • Paint shutters black – ACCOMPLISHED Prep and Painting / The Reveal Another huge YAY from me. A very long project but worth the result!
  • Bonus Project: Anything in the back entertaining area. Perhaps sprucing up the screened in porch, or making the outside porch an oasis, or perhaps staining/stamping/painting the concrete area. ACCOMPLISHED. Ha. Haha. Can I say sun room? A HUGE makeover there. Here is the final reveal with all the projects listed. Still lots more outdoor projects to tackle though!




  • Paint hallways and tan walls in living room. – ACCOMPLISHEDThey look so fresh and clean. It’s great. Yet I’m already feeling the urge to repaint them…
  • Paint all trim in house that hasn’t been painted yet. This includes the hallway and living room trim (including fireplace), small guest bedroom trim, and a few doors in the basement. SORT OF ACCOMPLISHED. I painted the hallway, living room, and fireplace trim (in the painting post above). The small guest bedroom and basement still just have their old paint job on them.
  • Spruce up living room to make it a little more modern and a little less traditional while still keeping it cozy. Perhaps by changing the textiles and the layout. SORT OF ACCOMPLISHED. We have a new layout and new chairs. Still more to come in this room!
  • Start decorating the small guest room. I’m thinking paint, side tables, lighting (lamps/side tables and a cool chandelier), and some artwork. NOPEActually, this room has the term “bedrage” (said like garage) cause it is now a place for lots of car stuff that Eric uses all the time. One day we will have an actual garage…


  • Keep on in the basement – perhaps building up Eric’s little office/project nook. NOPE – Nothing really happened in the basement this year except adding a lamp.


  • Organize unfinished basement. NOPE. That is on top of my list!
  • Finish Mego Cave. Buy a rug, make an ottoman, perhaps put some shelving units in. Details! MOSTLY ACCOMPLISHED. Bought rug 1 and rug 2, bought an ottoman that I never posted about but is hanging around in there (I need to clean it), and spoiler alert – shelves were hung yesterday. More to come here!


Personal Goals

For all these personal goals, let’s just say I’m still working on them quite hard! But there were wonderful times of bliss, relaxation, snuggling, challenges, growth, inspiration, questioning, bawling, wondering, pandering, saving, and loving.


  • Stay in the moment.
  • Work on paying off car and student loans.
  • Be less critical and achieve perfection less. It’s okay to just relax a little.
  • Buy less new things. Make more things with my own two hands. Perhaps think less about “things”.
  • Snuggle with my husband as much as possible.

You can check out the original 2013 goals post here. Stay tuned for where 2014 will be taking me!

  • You were a busy girl and accomplished quite a bit this year. My favorite personal goal is your “Snuggle with Husband” one. That’s so sweet!ReplyCancel

  • All things considered, I think you did a great job meeting your goals! I’m inspired to create a list of my own now. 🙂ReplyCancel

    • Thanks so much Cory! Good luck on your list! I just love them!ReplyCancel

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