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Today I would love to share with you a gem of a book. A book for every one of all ages and reading abilities. Well, that’s because it is a picture book – but not in your typical picture book for children. It is an art book.

A great way to fill your walls with art that will grow with your home |

Yes, a book full of frameable, fun, and beautiful photographs and drawings.

The book is from the bloggers over at The Handmade Home. They actually put together three art books:

I’m so in love with these books. I’ve only bought the eclectic collection, but the other two are hanging out in my Amazon cart, just begging to be bought already.

Why do I like them so? It takes the labor out of artwork. I love artwork so much, but I put a lot of pressure on myself with it. I either think it has to be handmade or it has to be the most moving/beautiful/inspiring piece I’ve ever laid my eyes on.

Now with those goals for artwork, is it surprising there are massive blank walls in the house?

Yes, I believe everything should bring happiness and beauty into a house – but it doesn’t have to be as monumental as I seem to be making it.

Enter the book. It gives me a whole book-full of art choices that I just tear on the perforated line and hang in an 8×10 frame. It’s easy, a lot (but not too much) to choose from, and no pressure. Heck, if I don’t like it in a week, I’ll swap it out at no extra cost. No tears over not liking the $300 painting anymore. Plus, it is an easy way to make your house effortlessly grow with you.

I believe there is a picture (or 20) in there for everyone – from kids to adults (to kid-like adults).

There are paintings…

The Handmade Home Ecletic Book |

There are illustrations…

The Handmade Home Ecletic Book |

There is fun…

The Handmade Home Ecletic Book |

There is color…

The Handmade Home Ecletic Book |

There are cars (both Megan and my man approved)…

The Handmade Home Eclectic Book | www.rappsodyinrooms.comI picked my two favorite (at the moment) and hung them in simple white frames. These are the finishing touches to this little corner of the Mego Cave.

The Handmade Home Eclectic Book |

The Handmade Home Ecletic Book | www.rappsodyinrooms.comThe Handmade Home Eclectic Book |

Isn’t this such a cozy little place now, with the chair from the side of the road and the chalk painted and newly styled shelf?

The Handmade Home Eclectic Book | www.rappsodyinrooms.comI love to snuggle in there with a fuzzy blanket, a good book, a hot cup of tea, and read or stare out the window, or glance up at my artwork. Dare I say this is my own little corner of heaven?!

I was not paid to review these books. I’m just a huge fan and thought you should know about them too! However, Amazon affiliate links are listed in this post.

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