Garden Gnome Planter VIDEO

Here’s the story, of a good ole gnome, who was just living a lovely life in a garden.

Until one day, he met his maker, and all that was left was a foot.

Fortunately, sometimes all I need is a foot to go a mile…or just to make a project.

From Trash to Treasure: Gnome Foot Planter |

This video might have been the saddest and the funniest video process yet.

Sad Parts:

  • I counted over 10 mosquito bites on my legs after filming the portion outside.
  • I broke my tripod before I filmed the last segment. 🙁

Funniest Parts:

  • Literally, not 30 seconds before the breaking of the tripod, Eric asked me if I needed a new tripod. Mine was working just fine at that point so I hurriedly said no and went on my way. Thirty seconds later I called out from the other room, “Changed my mind. I DO need a new tripod.”
  • Eric then came up with the genius idea of using a ladder as a stand-in.
  • Eric continually made squawking noises from the other room while I was starting to film.

The Tripod Debacle |

I think that about sums it up. Plus I wore a new dress that I am loving so hard right now. So that was obviously a plus.

So here’s a little video about a solo gnome’s foot makeover story.

You can read the full tutorial with step-by-step pictures right now!

Hope you all have a great weekend!