Homemade Reusable Dryer Sheets

Remember in high school when almost everything was potentially embarrassing? Like, oh my goodness, one hair is out of place or I stuttered when the teacher called on me?! The horror right?! Well, one time I had one of those moments with a dryer sheet at a football game – when you are supposed to be at your absolute coolest.

A group of my friends were all goofing around, I’m sure trying to be cool and impress people – like you do in high school. I had on a hoodie  – because what else do you wear in high school and college, right? Suddenly, I felt a something slightly amiss with my sweatshirt. Things weren’t laying right and I was feeling a little itchy.

I investigated and – horror of horrors – I pulled out a dryer sheet from under my sweatshirt.

I frantically looked around. Did anyone see me pull that out of my sweatshirt? How embarrassing. I don’t know what to do! So (and HUGE shame on me) I quickly just throw it on the ground (ahh it still pains me to realize that I LITTERED) and walk away.

Suddenly, someone from my group of friends picks it up and holds it in the air. “What is this? Why the heck is this on the ground? Weird!”

I furtively look around. Did anyone see me? Is my super pale skin that has suddenly turned fire engine red giving me away? Few. No one is pointing at me and laughing. (Teenage) crisis avoided.

Not that it has haunted me forever, but I’ve never really been a fan of the static sheets over the years. Sometimes I feel like they are a waste of money, don’t work, and just add to the landfill. However, I have had some major static moments recently with my new sheets (that are more like blankets and are ahhhmazing) so I thought I would try something a little bit different – and a little more eco-friendly.

Homemade Reusable Dryer Sheets

What you need:

  • A plastic container
  • Sponges, cut in half
  • Fabric softener
  • Water
  • Optional: pretty paper, Mod Podge, paint brush, x-acto knife

What you need to do:

1. Before we get to the actual making of the reusable dryer sheets, you can choose to pretty up your container by cutting a piece of paper to fit the top and Mod Podging it on (one coat under and one coat over). Just because everything needs to be a little prettier, right? 🙂

2. Mix together a 2 to 1 ratio of water to laundry softener, filling the container about 2/3 full. I used regular water and store this in the refrigerator because some people have said they were worried about mold. However, I also heard if you used distilled water you shouldn’t have to worry about mold storing it out of the refrigerator.

3. Cut the sponges in half. Submerge in mixture. Close top and you’re done!

4. To use: Wring out two sponges and pop into the dryer with your wet laundry. Dry as normal.

5. When your laundry is done it should come out smelling wonderful, feeling soft, and being static free! The sponges will be dry so just pop into the container again and reuse next load!

I’ve been using these for a while now and LOVE them. This mixture will last a long time and I feel the difference in my laundry. The smell, the softness, and the non static cling in my sheets!

[Thank you to The Mamas Girls for this inspiration.]

I use this in combination with my no-grate homemade laundry detergent and love how much cheaper and eco-friendly my laundering is these days!

  • I am laughing at your dryer sheet humiliation. Sometimes I’ll find a dryer sheet in an odd place, too!

    Your sponge tip is a good one. After I finish the box of dryer sheets that I’m working through, I’ll give it a try. (I make my dryer sheets last longer by cutting them in half.)ReplyCancel

    • Haha. I’m glad you found my story funny! It’s odd the things that stick out to you when you’re young. But the dryer sheets sure do find sneaky places to hide! Not these sponges though! 🙂 Let me know how you like the sponges when you try them!ReplyCancel

      • Linda

        Yes the hidden drier sheets are pretty funny when your husband’s at work pulls two or three outta his flannel, sweatshirt, god knows I can’t use just one I use like 8-10 I’ve got 4 girls of my own and another 6-8 stray kids at any givin time so there’s so smells in those close I wanna MAKE SURE THERE GONE!!!!! Lol so I’m really lookin forward to tryn this new oneReplyCancel

        • Hahaha! That is too funny! I definitely hope you like these and make your life a little easier! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • I made the sponge dryer sheets and they work great’. Now I’m going to make the no grate laundry detergent. Great ideas!ReplyCancel

    • Oh I’m so glad that you like them! I think you will like the laundry detergent even more!ReplyCancel

      • Ashley

        Has it been tried with homemade softener yet? I started making my own softener and thought maybe doing my own dryer sheets would be good too then move up to detergent. I’m curious if it would work. This way my scents would be the same.ReplyCancel

        • I haven’t tried making my own softener yet, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work! That would take it to that extra level too!ReplyCancel

      • Jenny

        Do you have to leave dryer sheets I’m refrigerator all the timeReplyCancel

        • Hi Jenny! I don’t think you have to. I do because it’s close to the laundry room for me. However, I have heard that some people have had mold problems. Maybe you could just make a smaller batch instead?ReplyCancel

  • kelli

    Found this humorous…..I just pulled one off of this lady today who was a customer at my work…glad to know the sponges won’t stick to your clothes…:)ReplyCancel

    • Haha! That’s too funny! And what a service you did for her too! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Danielle

    Approximately how long does the whole container last you?ReplyCancel

    • Mine has been going strong now for months! It all depends on how big your container is and how much you do laundry. I think for my usage (about 2 loads a week) and a fairly big container, I should get six months easy, a year probable!ReplyCancel

  • Lisa

    Question..if you reuse it each time you dry clothes then why make so many? Fantastic idea BTW and I’m definitely doing this! Thankyou for sharing! 🙂ReplyCancel

    • You know what, I thought the same thing when I finished. Haha. Next time I will get a smaller container and make less. For some reason I just did it this way. 🙂ReplyCancel

    • I make so many for one reason… I have children, who like to lose mine.ReplyCancel

  • Loretta

    Thanks for the $ saving recipes.ReplyCancel

  • brandi

    Has anyone had a problem with mold while storing it at room temperature?ReplyCancel

    • I have heard that some people have, but I store mine in the refrigerator and haven’t had a problem with mold.ReplyCancel

  • Melissa Cohen

    Thanks for the tutorial! I just finished making mine. I don’t have a cute container day, that’s a project for another day!ReplyCancel

    • Awesome! Hope you love them! Function first – then cute container!ReplyCancel

  • These are such a cool idea. We have some major fragrance allergies in my home, so we use a different combo. But I think I will be switching to sponges! I don’t think my kids can miss putting those back! Maybe… if I am make them 80s neon colors!ReplyCancel

    • I love it! Definitely 80’s neon colors! I would think the kids would notice those a little more!ReplyCancel

  • Laura

    This doesn’t drip fabric softener all over the clean clothes? I feel it would stain…ReplyCancel

    • It doesn’t if you squeeze the sponge out before tossing it in the dryer. It does not stain because you dilute the fabric softener with water.ReplyCancel

  • Laurie

    I would like to try this, but I’m a little worried about the bright colors of the sponge transferring into the laundry. Have you ever had a problem with this?ReplyCancel

  • Tanya

    What is the difference between using the softener in the wash and putting sponge in dryer. I thought that’s what softener was forReplyCancel

    • I use the sponge in the dryer instead of static cling sheets. It softens and reduces static cling!ReplyCancel

  • Teri

    Thank you, I tried this and am grateful to you for sharing.ReplyCancel