My July Stitch Fix Review

There is nothing like getting the delivery alert at work that tells you that your Stitch Fix is at home, waiting for you at your doorstep.

It takes everything in me to not just drop everything and fly out of the door. Work – who cares?! Megan has clothes waiting at her door step.

Not just any clothes, but Stitch Fix, personally styled for me clothes. I seriously get that excited. This time it was an even longer wait because I wouldn’t let myself skip the gym just to get home for clothes.

Just a quick recap, Stitch Fix is a personal stylist company that hand picks 5 items based on your style and size. You get assigned your own stylist, and she gets to know your style based on your Pinterest fashion board, style profile you fill out online, and feedback you leave on your previous fixes. In turn she hand picks out pieces she think will make you look – and feel – great and sends them to you along with styling advice and a personal note. Love that part so much!

This is my sixth fix, and I have to say, it might be the best one ever. Spoiler alert: I KEPT EVERYTHING! Ack! I’ve only done this once, and even then, one skirt went to my friend.

I also have something new and exciting as we reveal this box…a video. I thought it would be fun to see my reactions as I open the box. What makes it even better (sarcasm) is that I was so excited that I didn’t shower or change out of my gym clothes. I literally came into the house, set up the camera, and ripped into the box. Talk about a real life moment caught on camera. You’re welcome.

Email readers click through to view the video.

Now, let’s get into these beautifully colorful clothing items. This is really what I want my entire wardrobe to look like – fun, patterned, colorful, unique, and Meganesque. 🙂

41Hawthorn Astrid Tie Neck Blouse

Now you know in the video I wasn’t sure about this one, but I have to say this one has grown on me the most. It’s so comfortable and has a fun pattern that makes the more traditional look a little edgier. I think it is a little big on me so I may get it altered (meaning my super duper seamstress coworker) to take in the sides a little bit to make it a tad more fitted. I will wear it a few times before I decide on that one.

This was such an easy shirt to make into an office ensemble. Add some black pants and boom, office ready. This would also look great tucked into a high waisted skirt for some more office flare.

I also used the styling cards to try it with some distressed jeans. I probably wouldn’t have thought of this without the card. I loved this look and will continue to experiment on how to make this more weekend casual and not just for work.


Margaret M Emer High Waisted Cropped Trouser

Might as well get into the pants since I already showed them to you. 🙂 If you caught my last Stitch Fix review you may remember I already got a pair of these pants in a fun pattern.

Margaret M Emer Printed Straight Leg Pant |

Now I am all about the fun patterns but these just weren’t jiving with what I had in my wardrobe. However, they fit great and were such a good summer pant (which I am greatly lacking) I requested another pair and got this black pair. Yes, black can be boring but it is a staple piece; one that I was lacking for summer so this was definitely a plus for me.

I love them and am thinking about asking for another pair – maybe a fun, bold color.


Pixley Vaughn Mixed Print Top

I immediately loved this shirt! Bright blue and mixing two patterns? Well that’s right up my fashion alley! I LOVED how they styled it on the card. It definitely made me think differently about how I mix pieces in my wardrobe. I would have never, ever thought to pair this top with a brightly colored professional skirt. I didn’t have blue but I did have green. Oh my goodness, this is a crazy yet awesome outfit. Yes, yes, yes!

I also styled it with my white jeans, as suggested on the card, and I love this casual summer look. White jeans make everything better in the summer.


Collective Concepts Bethanne Sheer Detail Blouse

This is a typical Megan shirt. Blue and green with a fun pattern. No brainer here.

I took a chance, inspired by the above outfit, to make this casual shirt a little more business friendly. I like the result, but I still give it the slant eye look and wonder if it could be better. I did it tucked in and untucked to see which one I liked more. Jury’s out, but I like that I’m pushing my fashion standards.

I also paired it with white shorts as suggested by the style card. Winner, winner, of course! Love this summer look!


Fun2Fun Arlington Crew Neck Blouse

I LOVE THIS SHIRT. Sorry for yelling at you, but it just makes me that happy. I purposely shot this last so I could just keep wearing it. Wear it I did…until about 11pm that night. I love a classic black and white but with that back detail. Swoon. You just can’t find cool clothes like this around here.

Ok, check out this slamming work outfit. Amazing. Black + white + green = my jam.

Now with a dark rinse summer short, I also love it. This is the outfit that I wore that whole day. So comfortable and it also felt so stylish.

KEPT (kept kept kept!!)

Yowsers, this Stitch Fix stuff is getting good. I think part of the reason is that I was very specific in my note to my stylist. I asked for only summer clothes (they sent me three long sleeve shirts last time) that were colorful, patterned, or unique. Plus, I asked for the pants, and they delivered. So be specific as to what you want.

Oh, and I went crazy with my hair this time! I thought it would be fun to change things up and go super curly. I felt very 80s, and I kind of loved it. I think I would have totally rocked the big hair of that decade. Heck – that fashion is coming back, maybe I’ll bring back the big hair too!

Also, if you are interested in signing up for Stitch Fix, I would love if you would sign-up using my referral link.

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  • So many cute clothes! I just returned to Stitch Fix for the first time post-pregnancy, which was a little scary, but the clothes were great. I couldn’t convince myself to keep everything, though I liked most all of it, so I went with just one pretty white top that is unique in my wardrobe! I agree that it’s best to be very specific. I always get what I ask for (like tops that pair well with black slacks for work).ReplyCancel

    • Thank you, Meg! I’m so excited you started getting your Stitch Fix again. You totally deserve it! It’s hard to convince yourself to keep everything but every once in a while it’s fun. I usually keep one or two items. This was such a splurge month! That’s so smart that you are that specific. I need to make sure I do that!ReplyCancel

  • You got a great box this month! I like everything that you received but I think my favorite is the Collective Concepts blouse. Your video was fun to watch and I liked to see your reaction as you pulled each item out of the box.

    Do your pants have stretch? I like them and could definitely use a pair but I really need stretch.ReplyCancel

    • I’m so glad you liked the video! Didn’t they do a great job putting together my box?! The pants are SO stretchy. I am going to ask for another pair because they look great and I sort of feel like I am wearing pajamas they are so comfortable. Definitely ask for a pair!!ReplyCancel

  • Emily

    Do you mind sharing how much the 41hawthorn Astrid blouse cost? Because of your stylings, I feel compelled to request this! It’s amazing!ReplyCancel

    • I’m so glad you like it. I’m so glad I kept it! I think it was around the $68 range?? I’m not completely sure and I did end up getting the discount. I don’t remember it being too bad…more their normal blouse price. Hope you get it and love it!ReplyCancel