Falling in Love with Yourself

Although it seems like life is a journey trying to find your one true love (thanks Disney), I’ve decided to look at it completely different.

I’ve decided that I am my own true love.

Not in a preening, egotistical, I-am-the-greatest-thing-since-sliced-bread way.

What I mean is finding that complete, whole, pure love of yourself. Maybe it’s actually more about acceptance.

Rhapsody in Rooms

Because here’s the great thing about you:

  • You will always be with you.
  • You will never breakup with yourself.
  • You will never leave yourself.
  • You will never divorce yourself.
  • You will never separate yourself.
  • You will always stick by you, even when you didn’t think that was possible.

So really, if we are our only guarantee in life, why the heck are we so hard and so hateful on ourselves? We should be treating ourselves like the kings and queens that we are! We only get one of ourselves, so it’s time to start loving ourselves.

It’s time to fall in love with ourselves. If we do this, we will always have our one true love with us forever. Guaranteed. No fear of divorce or the unknown. You will always be there for yourself.

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So how do you want to be there for yourself?

Why aren’t you your biggest cheerleader? Your biggest fan? Your optimistic picker upper? Your own support system?

My goal is to completely fall in love with myself and treat myself like I do anyone else I completely and utterly love.

Rhapsody in Rooms

I forgive those I love. I look past mistakes and negative words. I help them before anything else. I don’t see all those endless things that they put down about themselves. I don’t see the blemishes on their face or the extra pounds around their middles. I see kindness, love, goodness, happiness. I listen to them. I tell them to be easier on themselves. I applaud their efforts and tell them to keep going. I praise their good work. I celebrate them big and small – for good reason or no reason.

Now all of those things – we can do that for ourselves. We can love ourselves just like we love others. Because by loving ourselves we become our better selves. Becoming better selves means that we can be even more present for all those other beings out there we love.

So pick one thing a day to fall in love with about yourself. Because you deserve to love, cherish, and protect yourself for the rest of your life. Because you are your one true love.