You Are Enough

It seems like the world’s goal is to make you feel like you aren’t enough.

The magazines put picture perfect people on their covers with magical tips inside to make you as perfect as them. Except those tips never work (because, duh, Photoshop and teams of people make them like that).

The endless streams on social media of people sharing their magical life moments (guilty) that make your life seem un-magical.

Bosses who cut you down and make you feel like you are a useless human being even when you are working harder than you ever have in your life.

The lure of drugs and alcohol to help take the edge off, to make it easier to be you, because maybe you don’t feel up to being you without a little assistance.

Here’s the thing though: all those things — they never touch you. They are not a part of you. You don’t have to let them in and they don’t have to govern you.

You are the master of your world. You have the sole ability to make choices for you. You do not have to work to get to these crazy world standards to finally reach that peak of unfathomable perfection.

Because right now, you are enough.

You are enough |

You really, really are. You are you – completely you, through and through. That in itself if amazing. Being you is amazing because there is no one like you. You get that? There is no one on the earth that is just like you.

I think that is pretty incredible. You are one of a kind. You are special just because you are you. Just being you changes the world. Because without you this world would be different. Big or small, the world would be different.

You are enough. That’s right. Just because you are you, and you are here, you have changed the world.

Without doing a thing you have changed the world.

Now that’s pretty spectacular. Go you. You’ve already changed the world without even trying.

Change the World |

So what if you tried a little bit to change the world? Think of the magnanimous results that could occur.

But whether you goal is to change the world or just to get through one more day, know that it is enough to just be you. You are enough. You are beloved. You are special. You are already the change in the world.

It’s time to accept you fully, wholly, completely. You are enough, enough, enough. So be – be you. Enjoy you. You are enough.