My Empowering Power Walks

Sometimes things just need to move – figuratively and physically.

I’ve found this to be the case on especially long weekends when maybe I haven’t been as busy or my mind seems to be in overpower mode, churning and churning.

The longer I piddle around in my apartment or sit on the couch and stare at a screen of some sort, the worse I may start feeling. It feels like my world is so small sometimes, and when I start focusing on that it seems to just keep getting smaller and darker.

So what do I do? I move.

I throw on stretchy workout pants, a cozy fleece, lace up my shoes, and put in my headphones. Then I go outside, lock the door, and walk.

I don’t just walk – I power walk.

The strangest thing happens every time.

When I am outside, briskly walking through neighborhoods, alone with my thoughts yet also entertained by music, podcasts, or inspirational readings, my world begins to expand again.

I see people in and out of their homes, walking dogs, living life.

I look up and see the expanse of the sky.

I breath in the scent of fall leaves or fresh cut grass or powdery snow.

I am reminded of how big the world is, that it functions all the time, no matter if I feel a part of it or not.

I feel the fresh air run its course through my body, cleansing it and revitalizing it.

I feel energized as I stride up hills and hoof it around bends.

I may have brought my previous panoply of thoughts in my head with me, but suddenly they are being worked out and things are becoming clearer.

It seems working out my body always works out my mind.

I find myself feeling quite empowered in these power walks of mine. There is a sense of clarity and pureness about the world again.

I also feel an overwhelming love of people as I observe what they surely call mundane moments of their life; I find them beautiful. I see you, the woman who picks up her small poodle to protect it from the golden retriever; father and daughter painstakingly building a porch; the father and sons camping in the back yard; the couple on their meandering evening stroll. You don’t know me, and I don’t mean to be creepy, but you have brought meaning to my life, and I love you for these moments.

I encourage you with all my heart, when you are feeling disconnected or your world may feel small, go outside, shut the door, and just walk. I promise, magical things can happen if you are open to it.

  • It’s amazing how getting outside can make you feel better. If I’m sad, depressed, angry, or just glum, getting some exercise and breathing some fresh air always makes me feel better.ReplyCancel