Your Life is Meant to be Amazing

I feel like the world at large is always trying to have you have realistic expectations; nay, even low expectations so you can be surprised if something better happens.

I think that’s trash.

Stinky, smelly trash that needs to be incinerated immediately.

I fully, wholeheartedly, joyfully believe that your life is meant to be momentous, spectacular, and full of amazing surprises you could have never imagined.

I believe this because our expectations lead our life. If we only strive to shuffle forward a little bit at a time, chances are we will just being doing the shuffle through life.

BUT, if we decided to look up and try to take amazing leaps through life, we’re going to be leaping through life.

Yes, both ways we will have missteps. We will be disappointed, hurt, sad, and think about stopping all together. But we can’t. We have to keep going.

So what would you rather do? Shuffle or leap?

I believe in you, yes you, reading this, that your life was meant for great things planned especially for you. You just need to realize and accept that your life is meant to be splendid and grand and full of bounty and joy. You are meant to live a spectacular life.

So raise those expectations; because without raising them, you lose the dreaming and the inspiration and the open mindedness that will allow you to achieve those amazing things in life.

So throw out your arms, put on your comfy shoes, and start leaping through life!