My Island Time

As much as I wish I meant island time in the sense of I’m off in the Caribbean with my toes in the sand without a care in the world, I’m talking more figuratively here.

I’ll let you have a moment to get over the sadness that we aren’t in the Caribbean together and then we can move on. Sigh.


Ok, now I’m talking about a different kind of island time. At least that is what I’ve coined it in my life.

It seems I have certain periods in life where I am supposed to be alone, fighting my battles all by myself. I bet if you think back in your life, certain periods of time will stick out where you felt like a one person army, moreso than most other tough times in life.

Sure, you may have had people around, even those who loved you and wanted to help. But no matter who was there and what they were willing to do, they couldn’t fight your battles. They couldn’t help.

This was your moment to singularly look at your battle and charge into it.

That is what I call my island time. Maybe because I picture myself, castaway style, really being on an island. My island and my problem, duking it out right there.

I’m stuck on this island with my problem and the only way to get saved is to fight the problem and to win.

There’s no one to bail me out, send me a boat, or slay my demons. It’s just me, myself, and I. Well, I also truly, deeply believe that God is there with me, as my ultimate support, getting me through this hard time. That’s just what I think.

So this island time seems to pop up once in a while in my life.

I’ve come to notice it now and realize what it is. It’s not a long term thing (mainly because I don’t stop fighting until I defeat my problem). I know it’s there for a reason.

My island time is there for me to really grow as a person. Grow all on my own. No outside influence, no allowance for slacking. This is the time that really makes me Megan. That builds my character, develops my strength, and takes me to the next level of living this life. I come off the island another version of myself. I come off the island almost a new woman. Someone I believe in and trust in even more so. I’ve proven to myself that I’m stronger than I think. That I really can overcome anything. That happiness and peace really are attainable again. That the fight is worth it every time.

I’ve come to accept these island times and recognize them for the growing times that are essential in my life. I’m working on embracing them, but these island times are also the hardest times of my life, so that one is a little tougher.

But at the end of it, they are so good.

Try not to shy away from these island times. Recognize your island time, understand it for what it is, and then get on in there and dig into the hard stuff.

You may need to sunbath on the beach at times to build your stamina back up, and that’s totally fine, but never, never, never give up until you win that battle. Once you sail away from that island triumphant, you almost won’t recognize the even more amazing person you are. You will then be able to (mostly) look back at that island and appreciate your time there. You will be thankful for the test because of the strength you gained.

So when your next island comes up again, you will know that even in its most daunting times, you will come out victorious in the end.

Ya mon. It’s da truth.

  • Candy Walsh

    That’s a vey good analogy Megan and since I absolutely love the beach and traveling there is not much of an option for me anymore, this is a great way to look at things. And tho I try my hardest to be as optimistic as possible, I have several health issues that required me to take disability retirement at an early age. So I imagine I would need my own private island where I could pray, relax and just yell at nothing if I wanted to, lol.
    And then have my cabana boy bring me a nice frozen drink every now and then, lol. And I don’t even drink anymore~haha!
    Thank you for putting this image in my mind, love it!ReplyCancel

    • Hi Candy! Thank you so much for the comment! I am so glad that you found the island/beach analogy! It was fun to dream about while I was writing it. Also, I love the sound of your island!! 🙂ReplyCancel