You Are Not Alone

Nope. Not ever.

But, Megan….I feel SOO alone. That no one loves me. That I’m undesirable. That something is wrong with me. That no one understands me.

Or so it sometimes goes in my head.

I have been scared that I may be single forever.

And hey, I might.

But does that mean I am alone?

Heck no!

Your Faith

First off, if you are spiritual in anyway, you have God (whatever that may look like to you) to turn to.

I don’t like to get all preachy/churchlike here, but oh my goodness, in the depths of my alone time this has been the most comforting. Knowing that I will never, ever, ever be alone because I believe God is always there, leading me in my right direction, and I will never be led astray.

Your Family
Your family may be blood related or they may not. Your family is who you turn to when you are at your lowest and can’t imagine anyone else putting up with you are you cry, whine, despair, obsess, etc.

They are there when you need the umpteenth pick-up call or to listen to you cry over the phone again.

They are also there to just call and chat to whenever, when you are happy, sad, need to talk, or just want to obsess over the millionth thing again (yup, I do that).

Your Friends
Thank goodness for friends who you can out out with (or stay in with) to laugh, have fun, eat dinner, go to movies or other social activities. Thank goodness they also understand you enough to listen to you when it gets rough and love you through it. #girlfriendsforlife

Your Job
You’ve got something to do and people who are counting on you to do it. Whether you work from home or work in a giant call center or somewhere in between, your job is important and people count on your to get stuff done. That also means you have connections in your business world of people. Don’t discount any connection to the world, even in the business world. Those are real, live people who you can connect with and feel good about the work and accountability you are attaining.

Your Community
There is so much out there in your community to do – whether that means fun activities or volunteering – get out there and do it! Go to a festival, volunteer at an event, go to the local theater, walk a dog. There are unlimited opportunities to get out there and do something in your community!

So yes, even if you feel alone, lonely, or isolated, know you are not alone! There are people out there, ones you may have met already or new ones waiting to meet you, to make you realize you are needed in this world, special in this world, and to show you that you are not alone!

  • Very inspirational post, Megan! Yeah, I think that most people have ever experienced this feeling, the feeling of loneliness and desperation. But you are right, there are people out there, that help us realize that we are needed in this world, that we are not alone and sometimes it is enough to just look around.ReplyCancel

    • Thank you so much for your comment! Comments like these help us realize we are not alone too!ReplyCancel