Power Paint: Teal Zeal

In my book, there is nothing better than a pop of color to freshen a room, especially when it is an unexpected splash of your favorite color. My favorite colors are blue and green and any combination thereof. So you know that teal is definitely up there in my favorite colors book. With that being said, I decided that it was time to bring a little kazaam into our guest bedroom. It is a very nice room that is a calming place for guests to say, but it did need a little something.

Can you tell what the item that I zoned in with a little kazaam in mind? Yup, that little TV stand there in the corner. We are very thankful for this stand, as it was a freebie from Mom and it fits into the corner perfectly, even with that big ole TV. But right next to the other wood, it just wasn’t a good fit. Get up close and you can also see its wear and tear.

You can kind of see in this picture that the top has some marks from a TV and that it is just a little scuffed up. I believe that paint can do transform an old, dated piece into something special.  So I brought her out into the living room (yup, that’s where I did this project), scuffed her up with sand paper, cleaned her up, and then attacked with my Olympic Teal Zeal in Satin. After many coats, here is where we ended up.

It killed me that to allow proper dry time I had to just let her sit there overnight. Come morning time I eagerly jumped up and moved her to her rightful place.

I love it! It’s just what the room needed to infuse a little bit more personality into the room. It also takes an older piece of furniture and gives it some vitality. I feel like it is a nice surprise for guests when they come into the room. You know that I am going to use it as an excuse to infuse more pops of teal around the room too!

Oh yes, and if you are wondering what is in its little shelf, it is a blanket. I thought about putting some decorative items in there at first, but with its sort of awkward space, I had to get creative. Then I realized it was the perfect place for a throw . That is one that I pulled from another room, but I will now be on the lookout for the perfect little blanket for guests to get all cozy with.

Let’s do my favorite part, before and after pictures!

There it is! My little weekend project. Did you get into any trouble projects this weekend? Do you have any “power paint” colors that are your go-to’s for updating a room?