The Subtle Side Table Makeover

Let’s take a trip to our guest room. We have recently visited the room when I updated an old, scuffed up TV stand with a pop of teal, and then brought more of that color into the room with a teal chalkboard project. I had another simple little update to make to the room. It involved the side tables beside the bed.

I love these tables. A lot. I found them at a thrift store for $25 for the both of them. What a deal! They were this old scratched brown that I then spray painted purple. Since that time I have learned that I would rather paint furniture the brush and roller way, not spray paint. Not only does it give you a wider variety of colors but also a more even finish. As you can see, when I went purple, I went classic purple, as that is the only shade they had in spray paint. I thought that color family was working but that Barney-esque purple wasn’t. A quart of Valspar Rare Wine fixed that right up.

First I used a liquid deglosser to prep the tables. I also puttied some scratches and dings as well, to get the best surface for painting. Then it was two, thin coats of the paint.

Here is the progress shot. Since this is a subtle color change, this picture will really help you see the difference. The one on the right is the old purple and the one on the left is the new color. Let’s call is the grown-up purple.

Now here it is in the room. Much better. See how is works better with the curtains and head board? It I now see it as one big happy color family now.

Now, a before and after to show-off the greatness of this small change.

What do you think of the color? Better? Or did you like the Barney purple? Any paint projects you have going on at your house?

  • Jen

    Love the darker paint color! It blends much better with the rest of the room. Isn’t it nice that you can change it so easily?

    I recently painted side tables, too, but I went from a worn darker natural wood stain to white. I pretty much went through the same process, although I used a roller and brush to apply two coats instead of spray paint. Because the table tops had extra wear ‘n tear and I went from dark to light, I added a coat of KILZ on the table top surface after the first two coats of paint, then applied another coat of paint on top. I plan to get some glass cut soon to protect the paint from scuffing or chipping over time, too!ReplyCancel

    • Oh those sound nice! Love the idea of putting a coat of KILZ on there and then glass for extra protection! I totally agree that a roller and brush are the way to go. The first time these went purple I went all lazy and did spray paint. This time I went old school style and did it right. MUCH better results!ReplyCancel

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  • Nice! I love your purple colour choice.

    My most recent project just happened to be night tables also. They had a wood finish to them that was growing pretty old. I freshened them up by painting them a lovely shade of blue- similar to a tiffany blue. I’m in love with them now! It’s wonderful what a new coat of paint and a little colour can do!!ReplyCancel

    • Oh that sounds beautiful! I am a sucker for anything tiffany colored. It also sounds like a great way to get many more years out of furniture!ReplyCancel

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  • Steph S.

    I am in love with that owl pillow, source? This end table makeover is fantastic and great score on the unique shape of the side tables – love it!!ReplyCancel

    • Thank you! Unfortunately I don’t have a source for the owl pillow. My mother-in-law made it from fabric from a local store.ReplyCancel