My Super Sparkly & Somewhat Girly Christmas Tree

O Christmas tree, o Christmas tree, how delightfully colorful, girly and colorful you are!

Well, at least that’s where my version of O Christmas Tree stands right now.

Now, before we get into the colorful goodness that is my tree, I want to have a little Christmas decoration conversation first.

Does anyone else feel completely overwhelmed and almost panicked with the sight of homes decked out to the max with Christmas decorations? Don’t get me wrong – more power to those people and their homes are GORGEOUS but the thought of layering and layering more stuff in my apartment (which already feels quite full thankyouverymuch) just gives me the heebie jeebies.

I want less. I want simple. I want space to breathe. I want my eyes to rest easy. I want to eventually get rid of my storage unit.

I just can’t imagine getting my place all decked out in Christmas gear this year. Maybe later in life, but not me, not right now. #rantover #nopanicattacks

Yet, I still want to embrace the holiday spirit and do up Christmas a little bit. I’m not Scrooge, I’m just craving simplicity.

So once again I fully embraced the idea of a fun Christmas tree. Yet, I still went simple and didn’t over think it. I went with what I saw and felt and did it over a few weeks.

It started with an empty tree that I string LED lights on (read here how I lit the tree myself). Then I bought some fun ribbon to layer on it at Michael’s. I liked the silver sparkles and herringbone and polka dots. This year was all about a fun tree…that went girly really quickly.

Then I found these brightly colored ornaments at Wal-Mart and knew that they were perfect. I was originally going to go with a different color scheme but when I saw these I was sold. Bright colors get me every time.

I layered on some ornaments that I used in my gold and silver sparkly tree last year.

Finally, I got a super gigantic silver sparkly bow that almost overwhelms me but I still kinda like it so there it stays. The bow takes it over the top girly for me, but hey, I’m a girl so I will go with it.

This year I also put up my ceramic tree (of course) and then added a little Charlie Brown tree as a table centerpiece. It’s adorable.

That’s my Christmas this year. I am happy with how it has turned out. There is just something so magical about Christmas lights. They are the first lights I turn on in the apartment every day. Heck, when I’m leaving for a quick chore sometimes I leave them on (even though I am a chronic light turner-offer) just so I can open the door and be greeted by the sweet glow of my Christmas tree.

Any who, there it is for 2015. I wonder how I’ll be feeling for 2016 (because who knows what life will throw at me in a year and where I’ll be and what I’ll be feeling).

Where are you on the side of Christmas decorating? More is more? Or less is more?

  • Your tree looks so pretty, Megan! I know that you are really enjoying it this Christmas season. I’m the type that if I were home to do it would keep decorating up until Christmas day. This year I decided that if it didn’t get accomplished over Thanksgiving break, then it wasn’t getting done. I’m more relaxed this December and am actually enjoying the season more. I do wish I had more decor out to enjoy, but I am really enjoying what I do have. I know I’ll be glad that less is out the week after Christmas when it is time to put it all away!ReplyCancel

    • I’m so glad to hear that you are enjoying the season more this year! I think more relaxed is the way to go! I’m impressed you would just keep decorating though, if you were home!ReplyCancel

  • Susan

    Hi, I liked your post, I noticed that you mentioned wondering about 2016.

    Every year for years & years when I take my tree down, I tuck in a note

    To myself which I know I will find the following Christmas, I am always

    Interested to see what my concerns & thoughts about the upcoming

    Year were. I just wrote one the other day for 2016. ( & if I express any

    Worries, usually everything turned out fine) I put the note in with my Christmas tree ornaments – Happy New YearReplyCancel

    • I LOVE this idea so much!!! Such a fun way to look back at the last year and see how far you have come! Thank you for sharing!ReplyCancel