Daffodils in March?!

I don’t know about where you live, but this winter should be said more like “winter”? Meaning, it was winter as determined by the calendar but the weather had a mind of its own. In Virginia, the weather is pretty mild but I love that it definitely has defined seasons. Except for this year. Winter decided to be downright warm, well, except for this fun snow storm. With all the warm weather, the flowers decided it was spring and blooms have begun to pop up everywhere. Including these little lovelies in the back yard.

These are definitely resilient little blooms having survived monstrous thunderstorms and tornado warnings in the past few days. Yet they bloom on, foreshadowing the early spring ahead of us.

While I was taking these pictures off my camera, I also found a few other pictures stored on there from a while ago. These pictures got me hungering after those perfect summer days. Don’t you feel it from these pictures?

Ahh, can’t you just imagine being in that perfect summer dusk, with the height of summer blooming around you, the quite hum of lawnmowers many homes away, children laughing from neighbor’s backyards…? Just those gentle sounds of summer that make you feel so peaceful. I am definitely in the mood for days like that (and maybe a beach trip!). Oh, and fresh veggies from the garden of course!

What are you most looking forward to this summer?