Exciting Announcement Where You Get to Help Us Choose New…

Reader, reader, vote all about it! Yup, I am turning the tables on you and asking for your input. Eric and I recently had a very exciting trip to our home improvement store and spent quite a bit of time in the countertop section. I’m sure you remember our retro like kitchen.

Well it is about to get a facelift…well as soon as we make up our mind! The hardest decision right now is the countertop color. Big decisions like this are very hard for me. I like to second guess any major decisions that require long-time commitment in the housing area. (No Eric, I have never have second guessed you!). We have narrowed it down quite a bit. We are going with a Formica solid surface. Here are my top four favorites (both with a sample taped to our cabinets and the picture from their website:
Ebony Mosaic
Chicory Mosaic

Federal Cornerstone
Gothic Cornerstone
Vote for your favorite using the poll on the top, righthand side of the blog! Please give your opinion, then I will reveal our favorites!
In related exciting news, we are also going to be getting a flat top stove to replace this old guy.
We will also be getting a new sink (free with the Formica!) that is built in to the countertops. Hello seams that inevitably catch all my crumbs! As you can tell, we really need a new sink to replace our old, scratched one!

 I will keep you informed on how our progress goes. We have a meeting on Monday at 7pm to make our final decisions, so make sure to weigh-in your opinion!

Have you made any big decisions in your life that were hard to commit to? Any tips on big (permanent or semi-permanent) decisions easier?

  • I definitely like Federal Cornerstone the best =) I think it will bring some brightness and lightness to the space – How exciting to be getting so many fun new upgrades!ReplyCancel

  • Thanks for the input! We decide tomorrow so stay tuned! It is very, very exciting for so many new updates. A little overwhelming too! I think I will get over that soon though!ReplyCancel