Front Row Musings at Kelly Clarkson

Something very exciting and unexpected happened to me last week. It was just like any other normal Monday, or so I thought. I was driving my 30 minute commute to work, listening to my favorite morning show (shout-out to the Mornin’ Thang with Danny, Zack, and Monica! Love them!). They always have something amusing going on that makes me laugh all the way to work. This morning they had a few things happening, one of which really piqued my curiosity. They said they were giving away front row Kelly Clarkson tickets! Sweet! I’ve been a fan ever since the first season of American Idol. I have all her albums, own From Justin to Kelly (sigh, I shouldn’t admit that), and have even been to one of her concerts, albeit from the nosebleed seats. I just really enjoy her music and her personality. I like that she seems like a really down to earth, sweet Southern girl with a little ‘tude. Plus she has a song for every mood.

Anyways, to enter into this contest for the tickets all you had to do was text in your name and location to be entered to win. Then, starting at 8:45am they began calling random people picked from the texters. You had to answer with this and nothing else, “I’ve got some cheese but not a cheese grater”. Don’t ask, cause I don’t know what that phrase is all about, and they didn’t explain. All I heard was an easy way to enter to win tickets. I not a big one for having to do too much to try and win things. It’s not really worth my time. So I got to work, texted in, and wrote down the phrase on my notebook, just in case. Ok, I was playing along, even carrying my phone in my pocket in case they called.

So 8:45 rolled on by and I made a wayward comment to a co-worker, in a joking manner, “Shucks! It is past 8:45. Guess I didn’t win.” Just joking around because of course I wasn’t going to win. So there I was, just working away on a Monday morning at my desk, when a random number popped up on my phone around 8:55. The look of disbelief on my face must have been priceless. I had no idea who this number was, so it was either K92 or a random telemarketer. So I answered with a pretty excited, “I’ve got some cheese but I don’t have a cheese grater!” Well blow me over with a feather! I heard the Mornin’ Thang on the other side of the phone!

They started whooping and hollering; I started whooping and hollering. I had won! I had actually won the tickets! People came running over to my cubicle as I yelled about some cheese and started doing my happy dance (along with some high kicks) up and down the office hallway! During that time I actually had a full-fledged conversation on the radio. They actually gave me some pretty good time. It’s kind of priceless to hear. You can listen to the podcast by going here and then clicking on the September 10th 8am podcast. I am about 20 minutes into it. It’s definitely hilarious. I guess I was actually the seventh person they called (which my why I received the call so late). Either the other people didn’t answer the phone or they didn’t answer with the right “cheese” phrase. Wowsers! So I guess it was meant to be.
Here’s the kicker. Once I was off air and they were getting my contact information, Miss Monica tells me to pick up the tickets either Monday or Tuesday because the concert was WEDNESDAY! What?!?! I had entered not knowing when or where the concert was. I didn’t think I would actually win! So the deal was I needed to get the tickets in Roanoke (about an hour drive from my house each way) and get to Charlotte (three hours away) for a 7pm concert in TWO DAYS! What?!? My first thought was, “I can’t go,” but fortunately I have the most flexible work schedule ever. I also have great co-workers, one of whom lives in Roanoke and picked up the tickets for me.

Then came the hardest part: finding someone to go with me! Apparently no one else has a flexible schedule like my job! So after asking one husband, three local friends, a DC friend, and my mom who lives in New Jersey (hey, it’s only a train ride away), it was Tuesday and I still didn’t have anyone to go with. Uh-oh. What to do?! I had these awesome tickets and yet I couldn’t find someone to go with. Then I thought about how much fun I have with my co-workers. So I asked one of them and she said she could! Hurray!
So Wednesday rolled around, all bright, sunny, and perfect weather for a long day of driving and an outdoor concert (technically an outdoor amphitheater). We headed out from work early afternoon and had a nice drive down in the trusty Cube, blaring Kelly Clarkson all the way of course. We got there before rush hour traffic, had a nice dinner, and then headed to the amphitheater. Only miles from the amphitheater we passed Ikea and I had a very sad, pouty moment. To be so close but not be able to go was heartbreaking. So much so I documented the moment.

Anyways, back to the amphitheater. We were pretty excited to document every moment. Here I am just in the parking lot. See? Excited? Oh, and showing off my front row ticket!

Oh, did I mention The Fray were also on deck? Awesome! Know what was also awesome? To head in and go all the way down to the front. WOW. I’m so spoiled. I never want to go to those back row seats again!

One of the fun parts of being in the front row was that we made friends with all the security guards there. They were all really nice and we had fun joking around with them between musicians. I even got a sneak peek at the set list and a heads up that there might be some interaction with the audience!

The first band up was Carolina Liar, who was pretty good. I ended up knowing their last song, yet I don’t know how I knew it. Anyone else heard of them or knows of their songs? They were pretty entertaining.
Next up was…The Fray! What a bonus! I love them, and they know how to give a pretty good show. They weren’t just an opener. They gave a full length concert!

The best part? They came out into the audience. This is how it went:

·         The lead singer came over to our part of the stage.
·         He jumped down directly in front of us.
·         He barreled through the barriers right in front of us.
·         He nearly knocked down my co-worker as he came through past us. We each got a touch (how creepy do I sound!?) and he knocked all my stuff off my chair. Classic.
·         Girly screaming and squealing ensued.

So call that part of the concert a huge success. Then came the big act: Kelly Clarkson. [Warning: The light for her part of the concert in conjunction with her fair complexion and newly blonde hair did not an easy picture take!]

I just love her! She gives a great show. There is a good mix of singing her big hits, singing a few covers, a little bit of talking and connecting with the audience, some pranks by The Fray, and her bringing up her adorable nieces on stage who you could tell adored her. Oh yes. She winked at me too. Directly at me. If you know anything about her, you know she has this really good, quick wink. I got it.


If you squint really hard you can see an image of Jason Aldean projected on the curtain. That’s how they sang their duet. It was a little…odd. But still neat! I can’t say anything bad about the concert!


See those cute little girls? Kelly said that she should start calling Charlotte home because of all the family she had in the audience. Then she brought all her cute (totally enamored by her and wearing Kelly Clarkson t-shirts) on stage. They had so much fun dancing and singing along to the finale song “Stronger”.

The only bad part? The drive home. That. Was. Rough. We got home at 2:30am, and I passed out on the bed. Whew. Don’t want to do that anytime soon again! But was it worth it? YES!
So how’s that for a spontaneous and fun week? Have you ever won something off the radio or anything else?

  • Sounds like SOOO much fun!!! Congrats on the fabulous win, and I'm glad you had a blast =)ReplyCancel

  • Thanks Carrie! It was a great time, and I am glad I was able to take a co-worker, but it definitely would have been great to have you come too!ReplyCancel

  • Yay!! I've been waiting to read this one. I'm so bummed I couldn't go, but I'm glad you had a blast.ReplyCancel

  • I know! I wish I could have taken a boat load of people! It was a ton of fun though!ReplyCancel