Falling for Fall Decorations

Are you feeling fall in the air like I am? Oh, I love walking outside now, throwing my arms out to the world and taking a deep breath of fresh fall air. The smell of burning leaves from a neighbor’s fire pit, the crunch of our overflowing abundance of acorns beneath our feet (and tires – those things get slippery), and the crispness in the air that can only be described as fall. Are you getting dreamy like me? Or do you just like not getting hit with a wall of humidity every time you walk outside. Count me in as a fan for both sides.

With all my love of fall, I have never been one for much fall decorating. Not sure why, but it just has never happened. I have openly salivated over the beautiful, lush mums that adorn almost every other stoop, but up (until this year) I had never even splurged for a pumpkin. This year, I thought it was time to change things. I also thought I would start small and see if that inspired me to explore more of the natural beauty of fall decorations.

A trip to Lowe’s had me on our way of embracing fall for all the world to see. Isn’t this a happy little trunk?

They were destined for the stoop. But before I could get this seemingly instant makeover on and over (it’s supposed to be: buy potted plants and place on stoop, right?), I had some work to do. Remember when I was all excited this spring to put my spring plants all over this ole stoop? Well, after months of worthy living, they decided it was just getting a little too cold for their fair weather flowers.

It started like this in the spring:

This is what it was looking like now.

All wilty flowers and a vacant spot in big, beautiful, blue pot where my Bleeding Heart plant, well bled to death (meaning shriveled up and died). So it was indeed time for some sprucing. Thankfully I had found a 75% off plant that was just the super-cool, low investment plant (sorry, man, no hard feels – at least I’m not calling you cheap) for this shady corner. So, whilst in my work clothes and too excited to change, I planted this guy in the pot along with a few of the sequins off my shirt, I’m sure.

Then I was able to pop those plants on the stoop, top it off with a pumpkin and call this officially fall! Easy and not a budget-buster that I once thought fall decorations doomed for fast approaching cold weather were. Especially when you shop sale plants. Holla!

So what do you think? Are you a big mum fan like me? Oh the vibrancy of their colors! What fall decorating or pumpkin carving have you done this fall?