Cozy Cabin Retreat & Fallingwater Tour

This past Thanksgiving weekend I was lucky enough to be able to sneak away for a couple of days to spend time with two of my closest friends from college. Since we are living all around the country, we picked a place that was accessible to all of us but was also fun, different….and close to Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater home. So for three blissful (although sometimes unexpected and eventful) days we called this little cabin in the woods our home.


My style is by no means country but I could have moved into this place in a heartbeat. It oozed charm, comfort, and coziness – all which create such an inviting home.

The entry was had a beautiful snow wall and other natural touches.


The bathroom was updated but still artful.


This was my bedroom. Who knew I could love quilts and bear lamp shades? But I did in this room.


The open living space was spectacular. I drooled over that stone fireplace all weekend. Plus  we got to make glorious fires and roast marshmellows over it.



I also love how updated and modern the kitchen was with some country touches.


The little nooks and crannies and window seats really won me over.cabin-in-the-woods

The second bedroom was in an open air loft. Have I ever told you I am such a sucker for lofts? I LOVE them. I always wanted one in a house. I remember house hunting with my parents as a kid and if a house ever had a loft I loftily informed them that this was the house we were going to buy.




This charming loft even had a window seat. Sold.


We loved spending every second we could in the cabin but also took some time in the Acme, PA / Ohiopyle State Park area – namely Fallingwater.

[Insert a three hour delay for my lovely Cube getting stuck on an icy road in the back roads of Pennsylvania. Told you – unexpected and eventful. Met a lot of the neighbors – both nice and interesting!]

Fallingwater was inspiring, breathtaking, minimalist, and ahead of its time. Unfortunately I will just have to relegate you to Google Images or the multiple TV specials about it since only outdoor photography is allowed. However, I will blast your brain with a montage of outdoor pictures.





Now here is my favorite thing I learned: Frank Lloyd Wright invented carports! Yup! The owner wanted a garage but Frank (since we’re on first name terms apparently) wouldn’t build it. He said that they just invited clutter, and he wouldn’t have it in his minimalist design and mindset (oh to be like him in that way!). Instead he created a carport. Isn’t that so cool?



That basically sums up my little whirlwind trip since you probably don’t want a summary of the hours upon hours of girl chat that happened. Hope you enjoyed checking out this little cabin in the woods! If you would like to rent it out – you can! It is an Airbnb cabin that I highly recommend.

Rent the cabin here.

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  • Man, that cabin looks fabulous! I sooooo wish I could stay in a place like that. Were you disconnected from Facebook and blog stuff? 🙂 My computer and phone and like extensions of my hand and I would probably die without them. But this place looks amazing and worth it!ReplyCancel

    • It was so fabulous! I wasn’t sure if I would have internet/cell coverage so I mentally disconnected before I left. I needed to! There was no internet connectivity but my phone worked fine. I enjoyed unplugging a little bit.ReplyCancel

  • That cabin looks absolutely heavenly — and to spend the weekend there with girlfriends would be sublime! I love the stone fireplace, to, as well as the loft. We stayed at a similar cabin when my family visited Tennessee when I was a kid. Though we were only there a few days, I have such fond memories of that trip!ReplyCancel

    • Hi Meg! How fun that you have such great memories from a trip like that as a kid. Isn’t it amazing what the simple yet extraordinary things that really stick with us from childhood? It’s a good thing to remember now. I was ready to move into the cabin myself!ReplyCancel

  • Your cabin looks like the perfect spot for a girls’ getaway. I think I could move there, too! I would love to tour Falling Water.ReplyCancel

    • It was such an adorable cabin Paula! I know you would love Fallingwater if you could go!ReplyCancel

  • I just fell in love with that cabin!ReplyCancel

    • Isn’t it just the most darling cabin you have ever seen Melanie? I’m ready to go back!ReplyCancel

  • Kathy

    Can you share a link to this cabin. Would love to see if it’s available this coming May!ReplyCancel

  • Cathy from Illinois

    That cabin looks so comfy and inviting!!ReplyCancel

    • Hi Cathy! It definitely was instantly inviting. Maybe a trip from Illinois to PA is in order? 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Elizabeth G.

    I absolutely love the cabin, it is so close to what I am dreaming of having.
    Falling Waters is so…….heavenly.
    Thank you for sharing your fantastic pictures, and the extra tidbit about Frank and carports. (Yes, I have made him a first name friend too!)


    • Haha Beth – so glad you, Frank, and I are such pals! 🙂 I’m so glad you loved the cabin! It is indeed heavenly – all of it! Thanks for stopping by!ReplyCancel

  • Found you from Remodelaholics Party – Oh, my gosh that is the coziest cabin, what fun to share it with your girlfriends!!ReplyCancel

    • So glad you found me! 🙂 The cabin was amazing…so relaxing and beautiful!ReplyCancel

  • What a fantastic cabin! I’ve been wanting to try airbnb! Also, Fallingwater is on my To-Do list for sure, it looks amazing!ReplyCancel

    • Definitely try Airbnb. We had a great experience with it! Fallingwater is definitely a must!ReplyCancel

  • Krysta

    Can you estimate how many sq ft this little cabin is? I would LOVE to stay there; looks so beautiful and peaceful!ReplyCancel

    • I’m soo bad at things like this but I would probably say between 1000-1200 square feet?? But it was definitely enough space since it was laid out so well!ReplyCancel