Plaster of Paris Fall Items VIDEO

Let’s just fall back to yesterday (har har) when I showed you how to Plaster of Paris plastic gourds and leaves to create a high-end ceramic look for a fun fall look.

Fall Craft: Plaster of Paris Gourds, Leaves, and Pumpkins |

I know the words were fun and all to read, but what’s more fun? A video showing you how to do it! Hurray! That’s what we’ve got today!

Here is my latest how to video on how to make plastic gourds, leaves, and pumpkins look like high-end ceramic pieces.

Fun Facts About the Video:

  • I displaced Eric to the basement for lunch. He looked like a circus show (albeit a cute one) trying to take everything down the stairs in one trip.
  • I hogged this space for the entire afternoon and I think I forgot to eat lunch. Anyone else forget to eat when they get really busy?
  • I shot the finished shot the next day. Eh outfit change, right?
  • I opened up the kitchen door to let more sunlight in for the video but it was mind blowing meltingly hot out that it almost roasted me in the kitchen even with the storm door as a barrier. Is that not ironic when I was making a fall craft?!Hope you liked the video! Stay tuned for more fun fall crafts coming!