I Almost Missed This Adventure

I used to be married, in a home, with babies on the brain.

Then I lost it all: the husband, the home, and the baby fever.

I was a single, divorced woman whose life had just been changed in almost every way.

I moved into my first apartment all on my own at age 27.

I went on my second date at age 28 (I had only dated one man in my entire life prior to this).

I started looking at all of my life decisions and reevaluating everything. I started learning more than I ever thought possible.

I started doing new things I never thought of before and attending fun, social events all alone.


I started thinking about my career and where in the world I wanted to go with it (instead of feeling stuck).

I started taking this blog exactly where I wanted it to go.

I decorated my apartment just. the. way. I. wanted. to.

I found strength I never knew I had.

I found a depth of happiness I didn’t know existed.

I built a community all by myself.

I asked for help more than I ever have before (this is a good thing since I’m stubborn and need to learn to let others help me).

I opened my mind to the unlimited adventures that world was dangling in front of me. None of which I had ever dreamt of before.

Girl Looking Over River

While all of these things were happened: the change, the adventures, the pain, the crying montages, the joy, I would sometimes think: Whoa. All of this almost never happened to me. I was on a path where none of these things and these revelations would have ever occurred.

Thank God I didn’t miss this adventure and settle for the easier path. I couldn’t imagine having missed out on a single minute of this new adventure.

Ok future: bring it on. I totally got this. You’ve shown me I have more strength than I ever thought possible, so here it goes: you take it from here.

  • Totally appreciate how real this is! You never know what lies on the other side of pain. So glad you found what you didn’t even know you needed!ReplyCancel

    • Thank you so much, Michelle! You really never know what anyone is really going through, do you? There’s only so much people usually show you…which is the whole reason I’ve started writing more of these types of blogs. I want to show the real side of life: the good, bad and ugly!ReplyCancel