To All the Boys Who Broke My Heart

Thank you. I mean it. Thank you for breaking my heart.

Thank you to all the boys who broke my heart |

I’m not going to say it was fun or by any means easy. But it was necessary. Without you breaking my heart, I would not be where I am. I would not be the strong, independent woman that I am now.

Did you know when you weight lift you are literally making mini tears in your muscles and then building them back bigger?

Well, that’s basically any breakup or boy who hurt my heart.

It just broke me down a little bit (or a lot) and ultimately I grew back bigger, stronger, and better.

Thank you to all the boys who broke my heart |

Heartbreak actually progresses us in life, if we let it.

Being with the wrong person will only hold you back in life. The heartbreak helps us separate from them, push forward, and become a stronger, greater, better person.

I’ve always seen every no, every rejection as a blessing. It was something that wasn’t right for me and saved me from even being tempted to say yes.

So every time you have rejection or someone tells you no, say thank you.

Thank you to all the boys who broke my heart |

That means something better is out there for you and you don’t even have the chance to go down the wrong path. The path is already decided for you. The right path consists of yes’s with the no’s keeping you on the yes path. Makes sense, yes?