Galentine’s Day Party Planning + Dirty Cupid

Let the week of loooove begin, right?! With Valentine’s Day just around the corner everyone is all decked out in pink and red and hopped up on sugar planning a night with that special someone in their life.

And there is nothing wrong with that. I am the biggest fan of love!

Love is definitely not limited to just your man or woman. No way. I have felt SO MUCH love in the past year from my family and the best girl friends anyone could ever wish for.

Some of those lovely ladies also happen to be my co-workers (I’m so lucky!), and we occasionally like to have a party together. It started when we jumped on the paint night idea but didn’t want to pay for it at a studio. Thankfully, one of our friends is a gifted artist so she volunteered to help guide us. So we all went out and bought our art supplies, got plenty of food and drinks, and had our own paint night party!

These have continued to happen and it was feeling like it was time for another one…but this time we decided to throw it in the afternoon and have it be a full blown Galentine’s Day party!

That’s right: All girls + lots of food + drinks + painting + Dirty Cupid (like Dirty Santa!) = Galentine’s Day Party!

We decided to start at noon and bring lots of yummy appetizers to graze on. This will allow us to party together while also freeing up the night for anyone who has plans with their man.

I’m planning on bringing a broccoli casserole that I made for Christmas (so good with a little different twist on broccoli casserole) and cookies that are so good I should probably just quit my job and start selling these cookies. I swear. I don’t usually like cookies after they’ve cooled out of the over but THESE. They are dangerous. #itsjustthetruth #imbeinghumbleipromise

Now, on to the best part(y) – decorating for a girly party!!

One of the greatest things about planning a Galentine’s Day Party is that you can go ALL OUT on all the girly decorations and your friends will just eat it right up!

First of all you can start with the most adorable, yet grown-up Galentine’s Day party invitationsMinted even has online ones. Plus, you can add matching stickers because let’s be real, we are all kids at heart still and who doesn’t love stickers? Or you can just add an extra touch to the envelope and seal it with the sticker. Whatever works for you.


Now it’s time to move onto getting your house ready. If you have a color theme, start by grabbing everything you already own in your house in those colors and bring them to the main party room. It’s amazing how using what you have can be a great basis for your party.

Then, you can add some extra special details like a photo backdrop…because it’s a bunch of girls. We’re going to be taking an excessive amount of pictures.

We all know that food will be a big focus of the event so you can to pretty that table up.

Add bunting to personalize it and cute place cards to label things. Also, don’t be afraid to use anything chalkboard you have to help with presentation. Plus, cake platters can do just about anything for decorating and don’t have to just hold a cake. They add a nice elevation to the table.


To inject a little color into the presentation grab a personalized table runner in your party’s color and throw it on there. Plus, you can use it over and over again.

As a bonus, you can always make little treat bags with your favorite fabric to give out to your guests. And darn it, put a sticker on that bag! I told you you needed the stickers!

Now that you’ve got it all planned out, let your hair down (or put it in a messy bun) and get dolled up (or wear those yoga pants) because you have a fun party planned with your besties. Heck, I feel like it would even be fun and nostalgic to hang a “Girls Rule, Boys Drool” sign on the door as people enter. I’m pretty sure you can make that happen on Minted too.

Do you throw a Galentine’s Day party? Any ideas that has made yours special?

This post is in collaboration with Minted, who provided me with store credit for this post. All opinions are my own.

PS – Check out one of my favorite and most popular projects. I even showed it off on live TV!


  • A Galentine’s Day party sounds like so much fun. You found some great ideas for decorating from Minted. I love their stuff so much.

    I hope you’ll share you cookie and broccoli casserole recipes.ReplyCancel