Spring! Flowers! Sunshine! Growth! Buds! Happiness! Color! Or at least that is what I think about spring. It just seems to awaken feelings of hope, change, love, joy, and grace. Since this is also the year of fresh flowers in my home (I vowed to myself when I moved into my apartment to always have fresh flowers and that has continually been the case!) I thought it would be fun to splurge on even more flowers for my home for the spring.Decorating with flowers is new territory for me and is something that I am excited to learn more about (I even bought a book about it – affiliate link) so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to buy bunches of flowers and try my hand at it. There aren’t too many fancy flower shops around ole Lynchburg so I opted for my favorite flower place: the Kroger discount section. Ha! Go on a weekday night when there are lots of marked down flowers. I spent about $10 in flowers and got bunches and bunches! No, they aren’t the fanciest flowers but they accomplish my goal: inject bright color and happiness into every room. I wandered around my couple rooms in the apartment looking at everything as an opportunity to hold flowers. I piled all the vessels onto my countertop, along with my flowers, and started to brainstorm.I had ideas of places I wanted to put my flowers so I started with my biggest arrangement – the dining table – and worked down from there. For this arrangement I put a skinny glass container into a bigger glass container and layered the flowers. Then I tied it off with a bow to camouflage the stems a little more and enjoyed playing with a table arrangement. [Fun fact: I did this on Sunday – I’ve consequently eaten every meal on the couch or standing up at the counter so I can just continue to stare and enjoy the pretty tablescape. Haha!]Then I decided to put together a little arrangement for the side table in the living room area. Just a few sweet flowers in a pretty gold glass.Then I moved onto the studio where I made a bouquet in a glass jar and placed it in this larger brass hammered planter.This arrangement may be my favorite with all its white and pinkness. So bright and happy!I then filled a bright blue mug full of pretties for my bedroom. There is nothing like looking at fresh flowers before you fall asleep at night and when you wake up in the morning. I love it! This may need to happen more.Finally, my last bouquet was done using this method: throw all the leftovers into my favorite pitcher and call it a day. Boom. Done.Goodness! Flowers, flowers, flowers everywhere! It feels like such a luxury but I only bought $10 worth of flowers and used containers I had around the house. My house sure is photoshoot ready, right?! However, next time I do this I think I will explore the local area a little more and see what flower shops I can find! But wait! There is more spring fun! I teamed up with a great group of blogger friends to share our favorite spring projects. Make sure to check out their springy projects below!  


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Mommy Is Coocoo

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H2O Bungalow

  • Hi, Megan

    I love your home. Its so beautiful and I am digging the blue chair. LOL, love the touches of fresh flowers in your home its lovely. Thanks for touring with us.


    • Hi Vanessa! Thank you so much! Can you believe that I got that chair FOR FREE on the side of the road?! Best find ever!! Such a fun tour to be a part of!ReplyCancel

  • Wow! You got a lot of bang for your buck with $10 of Kroger flowers. Flowers in a room make me so happy when I take the time to buy or pick and then arrange them. I’m now inspired to brighten a few room in my home with flowers.ReplyCancel

    • Isn’t that amazing?! I’m so glad I found the Kroger flower section! It’s so worth $4-5 a week or two for fresh flowers. I love it!ReplyCancel

  • such a happy space- your dining nook is my favorite!ReplyCancel

    • Thank you so much! It’s my favorite too. I love the view of it through the kitchen. Sometimes I just stand and stare at it. Haha!ReplyCancel

  • You found a great deal on flowers and they all are so pretty in their new arrangements! I’ll have to definitely check out my store during the week like you suggested. I agree with Vanessa, love that blue chair!

I’m surprised to admit it. I never thought that I would so adamantly love only having one small bathroom. However, living on my own I think it’s perfect – sized just for me and my needs. Plus, it makes cleaning such a breeze which is probably why I love it so much. I don’t know if I’ve ever confessed it here before, but I LOATHE cleaning toilets more than any other chore on earth.

Toilets aside, one important area in my bathroom that I do love to organize and clean is the shelving conveniently tucked in behind the door. Yes, I love a small bathroom but I may not be saying that if there were no storage. That could be very challenging for a girl and her products (guilty as charged!).

I love these shelves but they were not so pretty for quite some time. Usually that door stays open (the charms of living by yourself) and blocks the shelving so I never really had to look at the mess it. Ah the beauty of the grocery store fruit and Cottonelle boxes. Maybe not. (But yeah, I’m only on toilet paper box two of four that I won two years ago).

Finally, I carved out some time one weekend and decided it was time to make something of this little nook.

First things first was to get rid of the boxes and find some more pleasant looking storage. I took some time scouring Craigslist with the specific dimensions of the bottom nook and finally came upon a little cabinet that would fit perfectly.

Once I brought it home it was smaller in the space than I first imagined but still works like a charm.

However, the outside appearance wasn’t totally charming yet. It was laminate all around with lots and lots of nicks and scratches. Nothing a little sanding, primer and paint couldn’t fix.

Since I would be painting inside my apartment (painting outside in my apartment complex has its challenges) I used a no odor primer after sanding down the laminate. I did two coats of this with a light sanding after each one.

Then I dug through my paint leftovers (a challenging task since all my painting supplies are in my storage unit) and found the so-called navy blue from the sunroom makeover. It is Pantone’s Navy Blue mixed in Duramax by Valspar but it definitely reads more purple blue than navy blue. But  I had it on hand and like the color. It fits in the blue bathroom.

I ended up doing three coats of the blue since it was a darker color, and I always find it challenging to get an even color with just two coats.

As I was waiting for paint to dry (thrilling as always) I cleaned up the cheapo, lightweight hardware and sprayed them with a little silver (my favorite from Rust-o-leum that I also painted the kitchen hardware with). I thought the silver sparkle would be perfect in the bathroom.

As a final step to add a little extra bling to the cabinet, I lined the bottoms of the drawers with some pretty paper I had in my collection.

I put her together, fitted her in the new space, and then loaded up the drawers with all the items that had previously been haphazardly stacked on the shelves or in boxes. It’s not too pretty in the drawers since they are on the smaller size but I have them organized by use and type so it works.

The last piece was prettying up the shelves. I had a fun time scouring the basket area at Michael’s with a tape measure to find a basket that fit the dimensions of the shelves exactly. I am happy to say I scored the PERFECT one! It was worth the weird looks as I measured baskets on the floor in the aisle.

The basket was the perfect fit for all that toilet paper and a few small hand towels!

The regular towels were pretty enough on their own so they stayed where they were. I also lined the outside of the shelves with pretty washi tape.

Then I had a fun time styling the third shelf.

I have a two perfumes that are pretty that I wanted to show off. Plus, I have a mission to always have flowers in my home. They just make me so happy. However, I’ve realized that I want flowers in every room in my house but not every room is conducive for keeping them alive (like the black hole that is my bathroom). I decided to try my hand at fake flowers. Welcome this lovely (fake) peony that I am quite pleased with! It’s just what the spot needed.

To the left is a basket I previously purchased and stored all my hair supplies. It’s been doing a good job for years now so I didn’t change it. I love the outside of the basket and think the colors work great but I don’t love that you can see all the contents. I might look for another basket with a hinged top but really, I probably won’t. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. It makes morning easier so that’s really the biggest win ever, right?!

Also, that little box on top of the cabinet is a cigar box my dad gave me. Now it holds nail polish!

There it is, a modest little makeover for my bathroom that makes me happy to use every day! I love blues in every shade and especially like mixing them in a space so I am digging how this bathroom has come together. Now to start brainstorming ideas for renter friendly artwork that can withstand the humidity this bathroom creates!

  • You found the perfect piece for your bathroom. The drawers are great for storage and I love the fun color you gave it. I’m with you on loving a small bathroom. I don’t need a lot of space to get ready and I like having a small space to clean.ReplyCancel

    • Thank you, Paula! I thought I may get some girl hate on the small bathroom thing, so I’m glad you agree! Though, if I were to ever build I probably wouldn’t choose a small bathroom. But right now it’s perfect!ReplyCancel

Life seems to have overwhelmed me in the big areas these days. Big daunting items that are looming, are scary, and sometimes intimidate me so much I want to just run and hide (but if I were to run and hide I would run to California to my sister in case anyone is looking for me).

Sometimes when the big areas in life are so daunting, it can overshadow the sweet, sweet moments of life that really, truly surround us – if we just opened ourselves up to realizing them more regularly.

To remind myself that life is compounded of small moments, I dedicated the past couple of weeks to documenting these small yet truly wonderful and special moments. It forced me to stop and savor moments that may have passed me by otherwise without another thought. It forced me to rejoice in the little – and big –  things that make my life happy.

Fun patterned nails and inspiring quotes found randomly.

Because beautiful sushi is always a good idea.

Loving this Stitch Fix blazer with a pop of green (in skirt form which means it’s WARM!).

Last week it was a little easier to document special, wonderful, gorgeous moments in life since I spent a week with two of my closest friends from college in Oregon.

Roanoke Airport – you’re adorable.

Winchester Bay in Oregon. A cold and windy beach but it’s a BEACH!

This picture is everything. Best friends and doggie kisses. Can’t. Get. Enough.

Moody Oregon clouds.

Where sky meets ocean.

More Oregon moodiness.

I love these girls.

The cliffs of Oregon.

Apparently it is full-on spring in Oregon with blossoms budding everywhere.

Shore Acres beach.

Only the coolest uprooted tree ever.

The most delicious eating (that was healthy too!).

Meet Cooper. The best personality I’ve seen in a dog (with a lot of shedding).

Cooper totally kicked our tails in Cranium. Look at that intensity.

VooDoo Doughnut in Eugene. And yes, I ate that.

I also ate that pizza. SO GOOD!

Beautiful ridge walks with friends, dogs, and flowers.

Beautiful views from above.

Hope you all enjoyed my little moments from the past couple of weeks. I am so blessed to have so much love all around the country. Hope you are feeling the love in your part of the world!

  • It made me sad to read that some big things in life are overwhelming to you. Sending you a (((hug))) that I wish could make things easier.

    I loved seeing your Oregon pictures. I’m sure that being with good friends was just what the doctor ordered.ReplyCancel

    • Aw, thank you so much Paula. I’m feeling the hugs! Definitely being with good friends was the best thing ever! Just what I needed!ReplyCancel

Let’s talk fashion, shall we? Especially now that it seems like winter has turned the corner into spring and we are able to turn to our fun spring wardrobe of bright colors, light layers, and fun pieces!

Ever since I shared my first Stitch Fix review I have been itching to schedule another one. I just loved the idea so much. You sign up, fill out a style profile, and schedule a box. Then a box of five items arrives at your doorstep and you have three days in your home, with your complete wardrobe, to try everything on and really decide what you want to keep.

I just love it. It simplifies the shopping process, you get access to unique items that may not be available where you live, and it helps push my style by providing items I may not have initially picked that I end up loving. Plus, you can leave notes for you stylist and ask for certain pieces based on what you are needing at that time.

For my March Fix I wrote to my stylist Melissa, asking for a denim jacket, a more casual blazer, a dress for graduation, some colorful pants, and anything sparkly. What did Melissa send? Exactly what I asked her – plus a sweet note explaining why she picked everything. Unfortunately the jeans she sent me didn’t fit and it would have been indecent to share a picture with you. Here are the four items that did fit and were decent to show you.:)

Brandy Metallic Chevron Blouse by Skies are Blue

Oh sparkly shirts, you are my love! I basically want my entire wardrobe to be either sparkly or a bright color. It hurts having to return a piece that is so fun and sparkly. Ultimately I did decide to return this one based on the profile it created. All the different draping and the a-line symmetry in addition to the blouse-y fabric didn’t make it the most flattering. Sigh. So close but if it isn’t amazing and something I am constantly reaching for, I’m not keeping it.


Kaylie Chevron Blazer by Tart


I slipped this blazer on and it was like angels singing from the heavens. This classy, structured, yet fun blazer literally feels like wearing your favorite, old, beat-up sweatshirt. It might be the most comfortable piece of clothing I own. It is so soft, stretchy, and just forms to your body while also providing a structured look. Plus, the fun pattern really kicks it up a notch as blazers go.


Syriana Dress by Katherine Barclay 

Oh dress, how I love your color. Unfortunately I felt like a mermaid wearing this (in a bad way). As many women would probably agree, my middle area is my most sensitive body image area that I try to camouflage when dressing. My middle just felt too exposed here, and with the added flounce on the bottom it just didn’t flatter me.

Adding some bling at the neck helped balance the flounce at the bottom, but it still wasn’t jiving for me. Also, adding a jacket (see below) definitely helped balance the piece out. However, I am not going to buy a dress that I can’t take my jacket off. But did I mention the glorious color? Melissa, keep sending that color!


Raina Dark Denim Jacket by Liverpool

A jean jacket with stretch is essential. This jacket definitely delivered on that front; it was so comfortable and not confining. I thought about keeping this one but realized that I would prefer a classic jean color in a jacket. Oops, should have told Melissa that. BUT I actually like that she sent me something different from the million jean jackets you see around. I like being pushed to try new things out fashion-wise. This was definitely a close one.


Not pictured: Jake Straight Leg Jean by Just Black

Didn’t fit!:(It’s ok, I have the magical jeans from my last Fix!:)

What do you think about my Fix this time around? Pieces I should have kept that I didn’t? What’s your favorite of the four I showed?

If you are interested in getting your own Fix, you can hop on over and schedule yours now. This is a referral link for me and I would be forever grateful if you used it when signing up! Plus, once you sign up and start getting your Fixes you can pass around your referral link to friends and family and starting getting credit too!

  • You got some great things this time. I love the blazer that you kept and know that you’ll get a lot of wear out of it. I’m really surprised that you didn’t keep the sparkly top. It was cute!

    I’m rocking a Stitch Fix top right now! :)ReplyCancel

    • Ooo so fun you are wearing one now. I love the service!! I should have taken a profile picture of the top so you could see the draping. It just wasn’t too flattering. But the blazer on the other hand is amazing! I’ve already worn it twice!ReplyCancel

  • Lauren

    I love your necklace that you are wearing with the aqua dress. Can you please share where you got it?ReplyCancel

Downsizing. It’s something that one usually associates after the kids have grown and are on their own and you are left with an empty house that is just too big for the two of you.

That’s what I always thought downsizing was going to be for me.

However, my downsizing came a little earlier than I thought (hello 27). I moved from a 2,000+ square foot house to a three room apartment. It became a puzzle of what to keep, what goes where, and don’t even think about taking that off the moving truck because it’s not even close to fitting in this space.

The less stuff, the smaller space, the not enough room for that here sounds pretty horrible, right? Except it’s not. It is actually the opposite for me. It’s freeing. It’s enlightening. It’s lightening. It’s captivating. It’s just plain fun to me.

Instead of having all the space I ever needed, now I have just the right amount of space I need. It pushes my brain to a whole new level. It makes me think outside of the box. It pushes me, yet it also lets me just enjoy my space, my life, my home more.

There is less responsibility, less stuff on my home to-do list, and it’s frankly quite nice.

I’m calling it the power of a small space. Here’s why I am embracing, and even highly grateful for this small space that is my Goldilocks apartment (not too big, not too small, it’s just right!).


Living in a small space makes my creative mind explore all new ideas! I only have a certain space with specific dimensions, and I need to fit this there or find more storage here. It makes me look at items differently. Ice buckets turn into nail polish holders, night stands into tool storage, and laundry rooms become extensions of the kitchen. It’s fun! It makes you look at every item differently and wonder what else you can do with it, what other function it possesses aside from the obvious.

Challenge: find a random item in your house and make a list of 5 other functions it can provide other than the obvious. I think you’ll be surprised at what you find! I’d love to hear about the results too in the comments.


Hallelujah!! Less to clean. It is amazing how much simpler life is with one bathroom (and one person using it). Three rooms is also so much less to vacuum and dust.

I swear, the best part of living in a small space is that it takes me under an hour to clean the entire thing, thouroughly, from top to bottom. That means, vacuuming, mopping, dusting, cleaning the bathroom, wiping down the kitchen, tidying up, putting things away, throwing in a load of laundry – everything in under an hour to make it feel fresh and spotless. It might even be less. I’ll have to time myself next time.

It used to take me half a day of solid cleaning to do such a thorough cleaning job in my last house. Maybe I’ll never move.

All of us small space residents, let us rejoice together that cleaning is so much easier and faster!


Organization to me is sanity, happiness, and freshness. It just makes me so happy. It also becomes essential in a small place. There has to be a place for everything or else it becomes glaringly obvious and downright messy. This is definitely where creativity comes in as you try to find the perfect places for every last item.

However, the small space can make it easier in organizing too. You don’t have as much space to have things pile up so you use the space you have and then get to….


This may be my favorite thing I have found in my new small space. When I had rooms and rooms to fill and pile up with my “someday I will use this” purchases, I had way more stuff than I used/needed. I had the luxury of space to hide it away.

Not so much now. There isn’t a whole lot of hiding places – and usually essential items occupy those hiding places.

Behold, the freeing power of purging. The less stuff you have, the freer you feel. All of a sudden your whole life, nay, even your being, feels lighter and more free. You don’t have as much stuff holding you back, you feel less tied to things, and your consumerism side feels more in check.

I’m telling you, purging is addictive (especially when you make money off of it at a yard sale or flea market).

It hit me when I was unpacking my decorative accessories boxes (yes plural – it was a little out of control). Some items I would pull out and look at and think “Hmmm” while others I would unwrap and look around excitedly trying to find the perfect place to display this item.

Duh. Shouldn’t every item make me that excited?! If not, why do I have hum drum things? I don’t want hum drum in my life. They’re gone!

Now everything I have I ask myself:

  • Is it useful and.or essential?
  • Is it beautiful?
  • Does it make me happy and/or excited?
  • Would I buy it again?
  • Would I move it again?

If it doesn’t hit at least 2 out of 5 on the list then it’s outta here. Hopefully it will go to a home where it does make the list.

 Selective Buying

After all this major purging and simplifying going on in my home, this is the most critical part. See, everything I’m doing above is almost fruitless if I’m not careful about what I’m bringing into my home. If I want to get out of this cycle of buying things I don’t love, don’t need, don’t have a specific place I can use it right now, then I am just making all my work above fruitless. I am just continuing the cycle.

It’s all about being selective and thoughtful in the items that you bring into the house. It may mean shopping less or browsing just for fun. Because that fun usually means you come home with items you didn’t set out to buy – and most likely don’t need.

Yes, that means I haven’t been to Target in MONTHS. Because that is where so much fruitless and senseless buying happens (for me).

Every time I get the urge to recreationally shop, I instead look around and see if there is something creative I can do with what I have around the house.

Or when I do go out and buy something, I have a particular item in mind or a space that actually needs something. I’ve even written a whole post about the year of less stuff because it is that important to me.



All-in-all I’ve found empowerment, happiness, freedom, and depth of being in my new smaller space. That doesn’t mean that I will never have a larger space again; I know that won’t be the case. However, I do hope to bring this new way of living with me to whatever size home I occupy in the future and remember to relish in the freedom of simplicity and an unburdened life.

  • A small space has to simplify your life. I know it is great not to have to spend your weekend cleaning the house and doing yard work. With a small space there is definitely more time for fun!ReplyCancel

    • Oh my goodness, how did I not put yard work?! I love pretty flowers and all, but a pot or two on the porch is all I need for yard work!!ReplyCancel