Sound the gong! Ignite the confetti cannons! Turn on that strobe light! [What kind of party am I having here…?!] Let’s get this party started because I am finally, FINALLY showing you my sweet new small apartment digs.

I’ve been in the apartment for almost four months (!!) now and have been having the time of my life (for real…) figuring out this small space living, learning about my new city, exploring downtown, being a city girl, and using brand new modern appliances. Can a girl love a toilet this much? Yes, yes she can. I love my toilet, hard core. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

I haven’t been posting as much because I have been living. Living so happily, so freely, so uninhibited and boisterously! This has to be one of the best life decisions I have made for myself in a long, long time. It’s amazing that 53 miles can do for your life. It’s been a game changer.

I’ve met new people, learned to factor in time to get to my car in a parking garage, walked everywhere around this little city, and learned how to carry everything to my apartment in one load (it gets interesting).

Okay, okay enough of me going on and on about this change, you probably want to see the place right? Well here is my blank little slate of an apartment before it got piled high with boxes.

This is the view I am welcomed to every day I walk in the door! Well, of course there is furniture now, but this is taken from the doorway. Those windows, right?! That kitchen?? I love everything about it. This is the living room, dining room, and kitchen. It truly is a small space, but it just works so well.

I am so in love with this kitchen. I love how modern it is, I love the accent wall, I love the wood color of the cabinets. It’s perfect. Is it small? Yes. But does all my stuff fit? Yes! With room to spare! Thank you organizational skills and downsizing (and being tall so I can use all those cabinets daily).

Can’s stop looking at this kitchen! I will show you (one day) the inside of my cabinets and how I made it like a tetrus puzzle and made everything fit. It was so oddly fun putting together the puzzle that is my kitchen. Everything was very thoughtfully placed.

This picture was taken with my back to the windows and facing the front door. I am using that wall as my dining area. Also, please excuse the mess that is my purse, modem, cables, and photography stuff.

This angle is with my back to the kitchen with the windows to my left and front door to my right. This is where my TV currently is.

The only downside about my apartment is that it is an inner apartment and the windows face into the open area between apartments and not out to the city. I call it my weather hole because it is a little dark, and I have a hard time telling what the weather is unless it’s raining or storming really hard.

This is standing in the hallway to the right of the kitchen looking into the bedroom area, with the bathroom to the left. This is true studio with no doors, which I love. It’s only me so I don’t need privacy from myself. Plus it makes the whole place seem so much bigger without the confines of extra doors and walls.

My bathroom!! I love my bathroom so much! It matches the kitchen, which helps unify the space. Plus, another beautiful grey accent wall. And that toilet. Yes, I am going to swoon over my energy and water efficient toilet. Makes me so happy.

This is standing in the bedroom looking towards the closet. Those windows look out into…an alleyway. Woo hoo the view! Also contributes to my weather hole. But napping is super great here.

At this point in my life, having a washer/dryer is essential and completely a deal breaker. I don’t know if I could handle a laundry mat anymore. Plus, how convenient is it to be in the closet? Almost eliminates the need for a hamper and makes laundry time a breeze! But I’m the oddball who actually enjoys laundry so I don’t really consider it a chore.

And finally, here is the other side of the closet. It is actually so much bigger than it looks! I fit all my cleaning supplies, a bookcase for storage and all my in-season clothes and shoes in here. Amazing right?! I just keep two bins under the bed for off season clothing and shoes. It all fits perfectly.

Oh well, I do have to point out that I have a small storage unit in the basement. That is mainly filled with books though. I can’t help it! I still can’t get rid of my books, although e-readers have definitely helped my storage space situation. As one of my friends helping me move in put it, “You know, moving would be so much easier if you didn’t have so many books!?” Well,  guess moving will always be challenging for me because I’m not letting go of the books, buster.

I am also working on a video tour because that helps so much in helping you get a sense of the flow of the apartment. Stay tuned for that!

I’ve been puttering around for months now trying to get everything in its proper place and it’s really coming together. Things are even on the wall! I can’t wait to give you a progress update soon!! Also, can you tell I LOVE my new place?? I am one happy girl here!

  • I love it and I know that you’ve made use of every single space. It’s cozy and modern and just perfect for you at this stage in your life. And it probably takes no time to clean!ReplyCancel

    • Thank you! I completely agree. I love every single part of this space!!! And the cleaning…it’s almost like what cleaning?! Except when I dump a whole container of mustard seeds in the kitchen….but anyways….Can’t wait for you to come visit!ReplyCancel

On a random night in April my sister called and asked me, “Do you want to fly to New York City and spend the weekend with me in May?”

Yes, the answer is always yes. New York City? Yes. Sister time? Yes. Sister time that’s not a whole country plane ride away? Yes.

So that’s how I saw myself in a little prop plane high in the sky on my way from Roanoke to NYC. After two plane rides, one sprint through the airport, one read book, 12 Hershey kisses, and  one Uber ride, I was finally at our hotel around 1am Friday night/Saturday morning.

After some good girl gab, we finally got to sleep so we could really explore the next two days. Our plan? Do whatever we wanted, see lots of stuff, and eat good food.

So of course our first mission if the day on Saturday morning was to find an amazing bagel. I mean, that’s what New York  is known for! So we wandered around for about 30 minutes until we found the bakery we were looking for. It was delicious….but not amazing. Still, a good treat.

Then I think my favorite part of the trip happened. Jackie and I just wandered up Park Avenue to the Upper East Side for about an hour and then continued our wandering through Central Park. The morning was cloudy (perfect for this redhead) and pleasantly cool.

Finally we made our way to SoHo (note: apparently on the weekends in the summertime they do construction on the subways. This makes it take a lot longer and you have to get creative as to the trains you take because half the time the train you want isn’t running or the station is closed.) I had never been to SoHo. It was so trendy, packed, and fun! They had the coolest restaurants and stores. We were meeting some of my college friends for brunch and ate at a very cool, very New York restaurant.

After brunch we decided to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This was the first time for both my sister and me, and we loved it! This is also the time I remembered that it is essential for me to have snacks when on my feet all day. I made my sister get fro-yo with me in the cafeteria or it just wasn’t going to be pretty the rest of the day.

When we emerged it had started pouring, so we scurried along the sidewalk in search of dinner. We found the best hole in the wall with an open-air front. We sat looking outside at the rain. We were there for 2-3 hours, just slowly eating many courses and having a great time.

Once dinner was over the rain had also stopped. There is nothing like NYC at night. I love it. We walked about 30 blocks home just enjoying the night, the lights, and the people.

The next day we decided to go the Statue of Liberty. But once we got there, we really didn’t feel like going on the ferry ride, so we took an ole selfie with the lady herself….

We saw it, it was good, we moved on. Ha! We decided to walk to Ground Zero and spent time there just soaking it up and remembering.

Then, it was time for what we had been waiting for all weekend: our Broadway play! We had tickets to see Something Rotten, on recommendation from my sister’s friend. And it was SO GOOD! We both love, love, loved it! So funny and quirky and a little sarcastic. I would highly recommend it!

Afterwards we had a nice little walk around Times Square (but ugh, people, so we left quickly). We decided to do a flyby the Empire State Building, and then we went back to the hotel to eat salads on our bed and watch The Big Bang Theory. Best. Night. Ever. For real, because that’s our style.

Then Monday morning I was sadly outta there. 🙁 What an amazing little weekend getaway we had though! Thank you wonderful sister for sharing it with me!

  • What a fun weekend! I’ve only been to NYC once and I definitely would love to go back. It looks like you made the most out of every minute that you were there.ReplyCancel

    • It was so fun! You should definitely plan a trip back one summer vacation!ReplyCancel

Just because you are alone (whatever that means to you: single, just hanging by yourself while others are away, or something entirely different), it should never hold you back.

Want to see a movie? Try a new restaurant? Go to a concert? Check out a jazz band? Go sit at the lake?

Why do you need someone by yourself to validate those actions?

Be your own best company and get yourself out there and have some fun.

Of course, sharing experiences is so much fun – having someone to travel with, talk with, and make a memory together. There is no denying that is wonderful.

But going alone can be wonderful too. It opens up the event.

You don’t go with a friend or significant other, but everyone there suddenly becomes a possible fun time or friend.

The world kind of opens up when you see every event like that. An endless possibility of new friends, memories, or opportunities.

Yet, you don’t need to call it a successful event by the number of people you meet or friends you make. Sometimes there is just so much beauty in just being out by yourself. Enjoying a wonderful meal while quietly sitting there reflecting (and hard core people watching of course).

Or going to a movie and being able to pick your favorite seat with no other input.

Or swaying to the music enjoying being one in a crowd. Or acting moronic as you dance like a crazy person with no one to judge. You are never going to see those people again anyways!

Never, never, never let just being one person stop you from going out and doing something you want to. The opportunities are endless when you open yourself up to whatever could come your way.

  • Great advice! I am terrible about not doing things just because I have no one to do them with. I need to get over that and just do it!ReplyCancel

    • It can be really fun that way! Plus you’re so friendly, so I’m sure you would have tons of friends by the time you left!ReplyCancel

After a long hiatus I am back with another Stitch Fix review! Yay! These are some of my favorite posts (to share and to get). However, with all the moving expenses and life changes in a new city, I put them on hold….until last month when I got a fix. A fix that was terrible. Yikes! I tried everything on and hated it all  and sent it all back immediately. Yup, it wasn’t good. So bad I didn’t even share it. Yikes! I should have but I just couldn’t.

However, I have done so well with this service that I wasn’t going to give up after one bad fix. It happens to everyone and it happened to me. So I scheduled one for June and tried out a new stylist.

I asked for summer pieces, and I was pretty pleased with what I got! However, before we get to that, here is a quick reminder about what Stitch Fix is all about.  stitch fix is a personal stylist company that hand picks 5 items based on your style and size. You get assigned your own stylist, and she gets to know your style based on your pinterest fashion board, style profile, and feedback you leave on your previous fixes. In turn she hand picks out pieces she think will make you look – and feel – great and sends them to you along with styling advice and a personal note. Love that part so much!

Kut From the Kloth Malisa Scuba Dress

When I pulled this dress out, I immediately fell in love with the colors. Blue and green? Yes and yes. We all know this are hands down my favorite colors and you see them everywhere in my wardrobe and home.

It was definitely a winner when I put it on too. A good cocktail dress or professional dress. I’m always looking for new dresses to add to my wardrobe. It’s a winner!


Collective Concepts Demetri Button Down Blouse

There were quite a bit of florals in this fix. Florals are not always my thing. However, this one had little petals in a modern print so it definitely had potential. It also had the hi-lo front and back, and I’m always a fan of that look.

However, once I put it on, I wasn’t the biggest fan. White isn’t always my best look (because I have such pale skin) and the top just kind of hung on me. This wasn’t special enough for me to keep so back it went.


Collective Concepts Aesop Crochet Strap Top

When I pulled this one out I immediately fell in love with the color but wasn’t sold on the style of the shirt. I’m not usually one who goes for strappy shirts or flowy shirts, but I was open. When I put it on it definitely wasn’t doing me any favors. The tan straps by my face weren’t great and the green part wasn’t fitted enough for me. But send more in this color! It’s amazing!


41Hawthorn Pita Jersey Tie Knit Top

This one was another great color, but I wasn’t totally feeling it from the moment I pulled it out. I already have another top that is this exact same shade of blue and I have another Stitch Fix top with a front tie like this. I like the style but you have to be careful with the front tie – it can go matronly pretty quickly. Plus, once I put it on the darts weren’t well placed at all.


Brixon Ivy Rolfe Knit Back Top

Another floral! Except this one I didn’t love at all when I first saw it. It grew on me more as I tried it on, but still, no. The floral wasn’t great. The fit wasn’t great. It was a little too big on me.


Sometimes people say just getting one item out of Stitch Fix is a fail, but I actually really like when I just love one thing. Well, at least my budget appreciates it. The dress was a keeper and all the rest went back. I’m so glad to be back on the Stitch Fix wagon and am hoping to schedule one for July!

Also, if you’re interested in trying it out, click through to schedule your first Fix (this is an affiliate link).

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  • Love the dress and I can imagine that when you wear it that you will get a ton of compliments. The other four pieces are only ok and I think that you were wise to send them back.ReplyCancel

    • Thank you so much! Yup, the dress was definitely the best of the bunch! After I styled up the other shirts I did end up liking them more than I thought, but not enough to keep any of them!ReplyCancel

Nope. Not ever.

But, Megan….I feel SOO alone. That no one loves me. That I’m undesirable. That something is wrong with me. That no one understands me.

Or so it sometimes goes in my head.

I have been scared that I may be single forever.

And hey, I might.

But does that mean I am alone?

Heck no!

Your Faith

First off, if you are spiritual in anyway, you have God (whatever that may look like to you) to turn to.

I don’t like to get all preachy/churchlike here, but oh my goodness, in the depths of my alone time this has been the most comforting. Knowing that I will never, ever, ever be alone because I believe God is always there, leading me in my right direction, and I will never be led astray.

Your Family
Your family may be blood related or they may not. Your family is who you turn to when you are at your lowest and can’t imagine anyone else putting up with you are you cry, whine, despair, obsess, etc.

They are there when you need the umpteenth pick-up call or to listen to you cry over the phone again.

They are also there to just call and chat to whenever, when you are happy, sad, need to talk, or just want to obsess over the millionth thing again (yup, I do that).

Your Friends
Thank goodness for friends who you can out out with (or stay in with) to laugh, have fun, eat dinner, go to movies or other social activities. Thank goodness they also understand you enough to listen to you when it gets rough and love you through it. #girlfriendsforlife

Your Job
You’ve got something to do and people who are counting on you to do it. Whether you work from home or work in a giant call center or somewhere in between, your job is important and people count on your to get stuff done. That also means you have connections in your business world of people. Don’t discount any connection to the world, even in the business world. Those are real, live people who you can connect with and feel good about the work and accountability you are attaining.

Your Community
There is so much out there in your community to do – whether that means fun activities or volunteering – get out there and do it! Go to a festival, volunteer at an event, go to the local theater, walk a dog. There are unlimited opportunities to get out there and do something in your community!

So yes, even if you feel alone, lonely, or isolated, know you are not alone! There are people out there, ones you may have met already or new ones waiting to meet you, to make you realize you are needed in this world, special in this world, and to show you that you are not alone!