My Simple, Sparkly Christmas + A Tour

Merry Christmas friends! Welcome to my ever so humble apartment Christmas tour! It’s actually been kind of amusing for me to decorate for Christmas when I still have a room of boxes waiting to be unpacked. Then, to bring in more boxes of Christmas stuff to try to squeeze into this just one month old apartment has been an interesting but fun challenge all at the same time.

I decided that this Christmas to me is all about simplicity, joy, and sparkle! I actually coined this Christmas theme “The Most Sparkliest Christmas Ever”. I just wanted it to be all about joy. Joy to me is sparkle so I let that abound! Joy to me at Christmas time is also letting things be relaxed, simple, and definitely not over decorated (at least this year). So this really is a simple Christmas this year. My head just couldn’t handle much more than simple this year.

My Sparkly Christmas Tour |

I kept the decorating to the main room with the focal point being the tree. But it’s just not any tree to me this year. It is a glittery, sparkly tree of gold, silver, and white. It makes me happy like no tree has ever made me happy before.

My Sparkly Christmas Tour |

I am actually going to devote a whole post to how I lit, ribboned, and bedazzled my tree this year because I picked up a few tips and tricks that I thought would be helpful to share!

My Sparkly Christmas Tour |

My Sparkly Christmas Tour |

I couldn’t help but bring in another tree that is oh-so-dear to my heart: my vintage, family heirloom ceramic tree. I love this tree so very much. It just brings warmth and love to my heart looking at it and remembering all the family Christmases it has seen. I also think it was looking quite pretty on my kitchen cart. The perfect place.

My Sparkly Christmas Tour |

My Sparkly Christmas Tour |

My Sparkly Christmas Tour |

Then it was time to sparkle up my table that already hosted a beautiful bouquet of flowers. I added my gold glittery pinecones and a brass stand filled with dark chocolate mint Hershey kisses (given to me by my Secret Santa in my stocking). I thought it added just the right touch of Christmas sparkle without cluttering up my space. Cause gosh darn, I am that person saying that sometimes Christmas decor just makes me feel cluttered.

My Sparkly Christmas Tour |

My Sparkly Christmas Tour |

Then, as a fun twist and part of the 12 Days of Christmas blogger tour, I had to incorporate the 9th day of Christmas: nine ladies dancing. Say what?

My original plan was to make a silly video of me dancing as I decorated for Christmas. But then who really wants to see that? So instead I kept my idea of simple Christmas decor by going black and white. I printed out nine black and white photos of iconic women and/or dances throughout history and hung them on the wall with green polka dot washi tape (cause green polka dots make it Christmas, right?). Add a little Christmas glam on the table underneath it, and I call that decorating for the Nine Ladies Dancing. Boom. Can I get a high kick for that?!

My Sparkly Christmas Tour |

My Sparkly Christmas Tour |

My Sparkly Christmas Tour |

I actually am really digging this washi tape black and white gallery wall. Adding things to your walls adds so much dimension to a room. It just feels different as I sit in here and write this blog post.

Oh yes, and I threw up some glittery ornaments for fun in a few of the shots. I also thought about stringing some garland and/or lights around it … but then I didn’t. But maybe you could?

My Sparkly Christmas Tour |

The pictures represent some of my favorite moments: the iconic Dirty Dancing scene, a beautiful shot from a dance scene in White Christmas, Princes Diana dancing in a gorgeous black gown, Audrey Hepburn being her glamorous self, my favorite artist Jack Vettriano, a classic photo of a woman (anyone know who she is?) with elephants, the Rockettes of course, Jackie Kennedy at her wedding, and a little bit of flappers just for fun.

Here’s a collage of the actual photos I used to show you a close-up.

Nine Ladies Dancing Collage |

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Pssst: Make sure to come back soon for more glittery Christmas goodness. Sneak peek below!

My Sparkly Christmas Tour |

My Sparkly Christmas Tour |